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My name is Rich, I love to Jack-Off, especially in front of females, with their permission of course! If they let me, I like to play with their feet and suck on their toes, while I

Jack-Off! I love female feet with painted toes, I paint my toes too! Most of the girls laugh when they see my PENIS, it's very little, and so are my balls! My wifes name is Denise, she put up with me Jacking-Off very well, I was always naked at home, usually playing with myself in some way! One of my favorite things to do was listen to certain songs with a good beat to Jack-Off with, and dance around Jacking- Off, Denise laughed a lot watching me do that, most times when she started laughing, I started CUMMING, it felt so good! I over heard her on her cell once, telling one of her friends about me, Jacking-Off, and about me dancing around, she was laughing hysterically, I started to Jack-Off and CUMMED immediately! I cant wait for her to make me show her friends how I dance around while I Jack-Off, I'll be soooo happy showing them!