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My name is Rich, I love to Jack-Off, especially in front of girls, with their permission of course, most girls don't mind watching me, they say I'm amusing, and laugh at my little PENIS and balls! I don't mind them laughing, as long as they watch me, it feels so good with them watching and laughing! I like to play with their feet and suck on their toes too, I love girl feet, kissing and licking them while I Jack-Off! I used to Jack-Off in front of my wife everyday, kissing and licking her feet, her toes tasted soooo good, she's my ex now, oh well, I exposed myself to a lot of her friends when they came to see her, I'd stand in the window naked waiting for them to walk up to our front door, when I saw them I'd open the blinds a little more so they could see me Jacking-Off, it felt so good, some times I could hear them and my ex laughing when they told her, about seeing me Jacking-Off in the window, I had fun! My wifes name is Denise! Once in awhile she would have girlfriends over and make me get naked in front of them and Jack-Off, licking their feet and sucking on their toes too, I was so happy doing that, it felt so good, my wife was fun, I miss her, the girls laughed so much at me, but I didn't care it I was so excited with them seeing my PENIS, and watching me Jack-Off! All of the girls watched me CUM, catching it in my hand and licking it up and swallowing every drop, I loved eating my CUM in front of Denise and her friends! After I finished, I'd stay naked just talking to and visiting with the girls! I loved being naked in front of them!