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I heard a knock at the door and l got my shorts and a shirt on and I opened the door, my younger sister Wendy was standing there and she asked me are they here. I said who, and she told me that she had talked to Melody and she told her that I was fucking her little sister Sue and her friends. I looked her in the eye and I told her that I had been fucking her and l wanted her to be my lover and I reminded her that she said she couldn't be my girlfriend. I told her that Sue and Lisa were both virgins when I fucked them. Wendy asked me if they were my girlfriends. I told her that Sue and Lisa do anything l tell them to do and then are completely in love with me. She said that she wanted to talk with Sue. I told my sister that she had to be naked when she went in my bedroom. She looked at me and I took my clothes off and I said that I loved seeing her naked, she took her dress off and her panties too. I pulled her to me and kissed her and said that if she would be my lover I would never have another woman. She said that she wanted to talk to Sue. I opened the door to my bedroom and Sue jumped up and put her arms around me and she said that she wanted me to fuck her now and then she said hi Wendy. Wendy asked her if she was going to stay with me and fuck me every day. Sue said that I was her boyfriend and she would do whatever I told her. Lisa asked me if Wendy was my sister. I told her that she was and she and I had been fucking for over a year. I got on the bed and I was holding Sue in my arms and she said that she wanted to suck my cock and she was going at it and Lisa got next to Sue and she was licking my balls. I told Wendy to come and let me make love to her.