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I saw my son naked for the first time in a long time last month along with a couple of his friends. They were skinny dipping in our pool and he didn't know I had gotten home. I'm 46 and they are 14. I don't know why, but I got turned on seeing their cocks when they got out of the pool. They weren't hard or anything. In fact I think they were suffering from a little pool shrinkage. But since then I've been fantasizing about seeing them hard and doing things with them. In fact I've masturbated thinking about them making me fuck them. The fantasy always involves them making suck their cocks and unloading their cum down my throat and taking my pussy with their cocks in just about every sexual position imaginable. Sometimes they fill all my holes at once, sometimes they just keep me in bed all day tag teaming me, one fucking me while the other two play their video games. I also imagine it's my son pounding in and out of my pussy while his dad fucks me. I've been having the best orgasms of my life since all this started. My husband even noticed and commented on it. I really want to ask my son to jerk off for me to start. I know I'm his mother and it's sick, but the thoughts turn me on so much.