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Well i proved i have no control today!

Start at the beginning. I was asked by my sister to pick my niece up from Gymnastics practice a couple of months ago. While i probably knew i shouldn't, the idea of seeing the young girls in leotards jumping around got my excited. I agreed to pick her up. When i got there i headed in and walked to the side of the gym with less parents waiting. I didn't want them seeing me sitting their with a huge boner.

I was right though, seeing the girls from about 10 ish up to maybe 15 was amazing. Most were gorgeous young things. Tight, slim, sexy toned bellies, some even showing as they were in sports bras and short tights. Most with flat or A cup breasts, only a few with up to B cups i would guess. I was raging hard. It only got worse when i saw my niece, she was stretching on the floor looking away from me. She was laying down with her legs wide out in a splits position. Seeing her tiny body in a tight shiny white leotard, pulling tightly over her spread wide pussy while she doesn't know i was looking, i was ready to blow in my pants at the site of her. Anyway, i really knew i was wrong, but i also knew i had too do it from that day forward.

I joked and flirted with her on the way to my sisters place. I joked about how cute she was and all the boys chasing her. I dropped her off and headed home. After masturbating 3 times i finally finished thinking about her tiny body. Each time i saw her i played, joked, flirted and giggled with her about silly things, but often making remarks and jokes about her cuteness, sexy girl, the boys after her and how grown up she has gotten. After about 4 or 5 weeks i even took a joke to far. She laughed and said the boys thinks she's a sports nut and don't think she's cute. I immediately told her they only say that cause they want to get in her leotard. She laughed and said you mean my pants, and i just laughed back and said "no, her leotard, cause that's what i'd want".

Keeping this up for a few more weeks, i hadn't planned it, but i got my chance today. She agreed to wash my car for me. My sister dropped her off and said she'll come back and 2 or 3 fours to get her. I parked the car down the side of my house and got it set up. Once ready i told her i would keep her company while she did it, joking to make sure she did it properly. She stripped of her clothes, which i wasn't expecting, wearing only a pink sports bra, and matching boy short leo pants. I joked and said she look ready to go.

While washing she got herself completely wet, just making her look even hotter. Her 14 year old body, wet, soapy, breasts tight inside the wet bra, her nipples slightly poking inside. Her long pale blonde hair hanging wet down her back, the tight tone tummy showing and her long slim legs. I was just raging watching her. She finished the washing and started to vacuum the car. She lent into the boot first and seeing her ass point out and the wet pants tight over her puffy young pussy, i got up and went closer to look. Standing behind her i told her she should be careful or an old guy like me would try and jump her. She laughed and said "i'm to young for guys like you uncle". I laughed and muttered, not likely.

Continuing on, she made her way to the first side door, again leaning over to vacuum inside. I got up behind her and gently held her hips, telling her "i didn't want her slipping over while leaning on the wet surface like that". She just said she would, but didn't stop me. I made sure to rub my crotch against her ass a few times while she wriggled around cleaning. I again said to her that this is exactly how i would take her if she was going to let a man do it. She laughed and said, she wouldn't let any guys hold her their except me, cause i'm her uncle and i don't want her like that. I corrected her right away, "actually, i'm a guy and i would love to be with a girl as beautiful as her". She clearly blushed.

Finally on the last side door she lent in, I had too. I even told her i wanted to help her first. I held her for a moment and decided that i had to go for it. While she was wriggling around i undid my pants and dropped my shorts and boxers to the ground. I told her "i really do mean it you know". She didn't even turn as she answered what. "You being so sexy and cute, leaning over teasing an old guy like me. I have to show you how much it means to me to see a beautiful young girl like you allowing me to hold them". Before she could move to much, i pulled the sides of her leo pants down to her knees. I held her hips tight as i slowly pushed myself into my niece's tiny, almost hairless pussy. She jumped at first, then said she couldn't do it cause i'm her uncle. I told her i was already in most of the way if she could just let an old guy have a bit of fun, then i would stop. She said "only a few goes then you have to stop. You're my uncle and we shouldn't do this. I don't want to have sex yet or have a baby".

She didn't realise how much that got me. I kept going and it only took a few stokes to get my cock in, my head reaching the bottom of her lovely pussy. "Only a few strokes ok. I'll stop after that and we can make sure we don't tell anyone that you are so hot, even you're uncle wanted to fuck you". She again said just a couple of pushes and we had to stop. I joked "worried i might put a baby in you huh. I can if you want". She jerked away, but i held her tight as she stated "you shouldn't even joke about that. We shouldn't even be doing this. Even worse, mom hasn't yet got the pills for me and i'm not safe. You should pull out now uncle, it's too risky".

Just her saying all that was my last straw. I pulled her hips hard and rammed mine into hers, forcing the last couple of inches of my cock hard into her. I knew i was pushing hard and deep against her uterus, but i had too. I pushed in, driving completely home in her teen pussy, forcing my head deep into her uterus and exploded. I held her tight as i unloaded just over 2 months of built up sperm supply into her pussy, spurting probably the biggest and most loads i have ever done right into her self confessed fertile belly. She felt it and yelped "stop, you have to pull out, oh my god i can feel you squirting into me. Your hot cum is getting in me uncle, quick pull it out. Oh god, oh god, you have to get out now". She had her own orgasm at this point. I just kept myself as deep and tightly in her as i could. By the time she was coming back around after lying stunned for a couple of minutes after her orgasm i was just building to my second.

"Uncle, this is bad. You cummed in me didn't you. Oh man, mom's going to be pissed at me. Oh, no, you have to stop. Uncle i can feel you twitching again. Don't make me pregnant uncle, you need to pull out". I didn't of course, planting another couple of spurts of seed into her already cum filled pussy. I just really had to make sure i had emptied my balls completely into her teen belly. I told her "i told you old men like me want young girls like you. That was so amazing B***, i really hope you meant it about being unsafe. If we're lucky i might have already managed to put a baby into that sexy little tummy of yours. Wouldn't that be great".

She was picked up a hour or so later, having pulled her pants back on and i made sure to keep her distracted from going to the bathroom. She left with everything i pumped into her still inside, trapped by the tight leo pants she had on. Just knowing, and hoping i have put my baby into her 14 year old body! Just awesome i have to say. Hope she doesn't tell my sister!