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I am a single 59 year old man and I began making love to my sister Cathy when I was eighteen. She was twenty six and she would make clothes for me and she called me one Friday and told me that she had finished sewing the pants and I could come over and pick them up. I got there and she opened the door and hugged me and we went to the living room and she introduced me to Ellie then we smoked a joint and Cathy told me to try the pants on. Cathy and I went to the sewing room and she and she handed them to me and said put one on and see if it fits. I didn't wear underwear so l looked at her and l dropped my jeans to the floor and I was turned on by showing my cock to my sister and I was half hard and she looked at my cock and smiled and she stroked it a few times and she said that l had a really nice cock. I told her that i would love to show her how much I loved her, and she said that she wasn't sure about fucking me. I put the pants on and I had a raging hard on and I walked back to the living room and I sat down with Cathy and Ellie was staring at my cock and Cathy got up and Ellie followed her to the bedroom. Cathy came to me and said that Ellie was going to take me out tonight and Ellie took me to her house and we went to her apartment and she told me that she heard me telling my sister that I wanted to fuck her. Ellie said that she thought that was really hot and I said that I would love to fuck either of my sisters. Ellie said that she wanted to help me with that. We were laying in the bed kissing and I had taken her clothes off and when I was naked she started licking and sucking my cock and she was telling me that Cathy had told her that I had a big cock and she was right. I told Ellie that l was going to lick her pussy first. I was licking her pussy lips and I was telling her that her cunt tasted so good and I spread her pussy lips and I began licking her clit and she was making some noises and I began fingering her pussy while l sucked her clit into my mouth and began licking it hard. I was fingering her pussy and rubbing her g spot and she was moaning and I looked up and asked her if l licked her pussy good. Ellie said that she wanted me to lick her pussy any time l wanted and she said that l was fantastic. I went back to licking her clit and she was holding onto my head and moaning and she came and she said lick her,lick her,lick her more than ten times. I flicked her clit fast with my tongue and she came again and she moaned real loud and I stopped licking her clit but I kept fingering her g spot and she was leaking cum from her pussy and she told me to fuck her and l pushed her legs up to her shoulders and I began fucking her by slamming my cock Into her and she was telling me to fuck her. We fucked for a long time and she got down and sucked my cock and told me that she loved sucking a cock with pussy juice all over it . She said that her roommate Trish knew we were fucking and she was going to bring her to meet Cathy's brother and she said she wanted me to be her boyfriend. She jumped up and came back with Trish and she had huge tits at least DD and Ellie said that this is Al Cathy's brother. Trish said that we were making lots of noise and she told Ellie that she was jealous. Ellie told her to get naked and I would show her something.