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Her name was Mariah and she lived next door to me and my wife Linda. I'd been married to Linda almost 30 years. Although I still get horny a lot Linda wasn't much interested any more. I would often drove my mower over and did Mariah's lawn as well as ours. One afternoon after mowing both of our yards Marian offered me a beer. She had the hottest fucking body I'd ever seen. Pouty lips, nice medium to large tits, ass. I agreed to go in and have a beer with her. After a few more beers she confided that her husband didn't seem to want her anymore. We were sitting on the couch and she put her head on my shoulder and started to weep. She said the he wouldn't satisfy her anymore. I tried to console her but didn't know what to say so I just held her. Then her hand was on my thigh and moved its way up to my crotch.

I was about half drunk and my wife was gone for the weekend. I let her hand rub up and down on my cock through my shorts and she said she really need a cock inside her. I asked if she was sure this what she wanted and she said yes. I slowly undressed her and when I told her to take her bra off my cock nearly creamed when her tits popped out. I asked if she liked a tongue on her body and she said yes. I sucked on her nipples for a while and when my hand felt her pussy she was already wet. I undressed and told her to lay down on the carpet. I proceeded to eat her cunt for the next 15 minutes. She came twice by my tongue. Then I turned around and straddled her so my cock was over her mouth. She eagerly took m y cock into her mouth and got me hard. My cock isn't really large, only about six inches hard but she seemed to like it as long as it was hard. I was as hard as a fucking flag pole when she finally pulled her mouth off and said to fuck her. Her cunt was cleanly shaved and when I knelt between her legs and shoved my cock in her pussy I found that she was so slippery that I slid in and out easily. She kept saying to fuck her harder and I was able to fuck her for at least 10 minutes. She had cum again before I did and as soon as I said I was cumming she let me squirt a few times in her cunt then told me to put my cock in her mouth. I pulled out and quickly straddled her chest. She took my cock in her mouth and finished me off. She said she loved to drink cum and sucked me until I not only finished cumming but sucked me until I came a second time. We laid together just cuddling for a long time before I went home.

A week later she approached me and said that my cock was quite a bit bigger than her husband's and any time I wanted a good blowjob or a good fuck to just let her know. For the next four years I fucked her whenever her husband was out of town. They finally moved away but I'll never forget the sweet cunt Mariah had and neither her husband nor my wife have a clue that we were fucking for years. Man I miss her.