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My best friend from college, Brian, was in town for some training at his new job. My wife, Emily, and i invited him to stay at our apartment. It gave us a chance to drink and play video games like old times.

On the last night it snowed and we decided to go to the indoor hot tub and drink some more beers. The rec room was empty because most people were staying inside. My wife was wearing a cute bikini and I thought she looked adorable. We continued to drink and all of us were feeling no pain.

I was sitting next to Emily and reached behind her and untied her top. I expected her to catch it but she just let it fall all the way down exposing her tits. I know that I am biased but I think she has an amazing chest. She is not large chested, she wears a 36B but I just love the shape and color of her nipples.

Brian and I continued to drink while enjoying the scenery. I could tell Emily was enjoying the attention. I reached below the water and gently pulled on her remaining suit. Immediately Emily grabbed my hand in hers and pulled off her suit completely. She was now sitting completely naked. You could not see because of the jets and bubbles but Brian knew what was going on.

I made a request that Emily stand and prove she was nude. She stands up and gives Brian a 15-20 second look at her pussy. She was clean shaven and looked delicious. Brian made a request that she stand again and prove that she was nude in back also. Emily stood up, turned her ass towards Brian and let him look for about 30 seconds.

I figured our request were working so I asked her to show us her flexibility. Emily gets out of the tub, stands right in front of us, turns her bottom towards us, and touches the floor giving us a perfect view of her asshole and pussy. I don't think I have ever been more in love.

She gets back in the tub leaving us both speechless. Before she gets dressed she gives us both a long hug. Nothing else sexual happened until we were alone in bed. Emily told me she really enjoyed showing off. I don't know why I like that Brian knows what every inch of her body looks like.