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I am a 25-year old pre-op transgender woman from a borderline nudist family (we weren't the kind of people who immediately stripped down to nothing once we were alone in the house, but nude beaches and nudist resorts were a thing in my upbringing) and I have seen my mom naked on countless occasions. For a while it didn't mean much; however as i entered puberty I began to notice. Every time I saw my mom in the buff, i would fixate on her butt and how it jiggled while she walked. I didn't think much of it, until my late teens, when my masturbation fantasies started to involve her. At first it was just her body, then it graduated to just being in the bath or shower with her. Eventually it turned into handjobs and blowjobs, and finally full penetration to her pussy or ass.

Much as i've tried to fight it, i still fantasize about her frequently; sometimes i wish that, just before i switch genders full time, she would be allowed by me to fuck her and let her taste my cock. Other times it goes to other extremes; i sometimes fantasize about one night when it's just us, knocking her unconscious-either by a blow to the head or by roofie-stripping her naked, tying her up and blindfolding her, and just having my way with her; fondling, penetration, the whole nine yards.

However, I've already taken it to some pretty heavy extremes; one night while my folks were out of town, i went onto their bedroom computer, and found some pretty hot photos of my mom; in the bath, naked outside, getting penetrated by men (not all of whom were my father). My personal favorite is one where she is doing nude yoga in our living room, with her backside facing the camera. Her glorious booty showing off. I saved that and a few others to a flashdrive and revisit it frequently when alone.

I don't approve of these feelings and know they'll probably never be reciprocated, nor my fantasies come true; however i still have fun feeling so naughty pleasuring myself to my own mother.