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In 1991 when I was 25 my cousin “Ricky” was 13 and younger brother “Shaun” 18 was staying with great-grandpa 88. We were having general conversation at first then it moved to sexual talk. Ricky confessed to me that he has been wanting to have sex with me since he was 9 years old. I liked hearing that.

I was 6 foot 1 and 270lbs with a 6 inch dick but a big smooth white ass that got me fun with the older men age 60 plus. I even got laid by two different men in their 90’s.

My great-grandpa got me when I was age 4 in 1970. Nine years later my younger brother and I started having sex. It was just sucking and rubbing against each other and getting my ass rubbed which turns me on.

So after Ricky told me I blushed and went to the front bedroom and thought about this.

Then Shaun comes in and I decide to do this so he helps me undress and we walk back in the living room my dick getting hard as my ass bounces with each step as I walk on the hard wood floor.

Ricky’s eyes get big as I entered nude standing there rubbing my ass and I am horny. Grandpa helps him undress and I sit on the floor my legs spread apart and my arms resting behind me. Grandpa and Shaun coach him into masturbating my dick. He did a great job as I squirted my load on his face.

Later all 3 missionary fucked my dick during the night.