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I went on my first tinder date recently and it was nutz! I met her at a nice bar and we made initial niceties. She immediately starts with how many guys she has shagged on tinder. Tells me that she always makes guys cum on the first date. I was kinda grossed out but a little intrigued. I told her this was my first date in awhile and that I hadn't had sex in years. I saw her eyes constrict and she grabbed my thy and said "ahw... you poor babay" she said I needed the right girl and too just relax. So I did... she got closer and closer at the bar during the night and before I knew it she was up against me and had her hand on my thigh. I hadn't had contact In half a decade and my cock was literally jumping up and down. She was drunk and whispering stupid shit to me while running her hand up my thigh. Needless to say eventually her hand found my hard cock in my pants and she immediately started to pump my cock right there in my seat at the bar. She leaned in and I could smell her body as she continued to stroke my cock unde the bar. It felt so dirty and I had not felt this pleasure ever before when I asked her if we should be doing this. She winked and started rubbing me even harder! I tried to stop her but I couldn't. My eyes went blank and I let her stroke up and down my cock inside my pants. Then she said it.... she said "are you gonna cum little boy" and I felt an intense heat in my groin, I clenched my butt cheeks and like always tried not to give into the urge. But i was so unprepared for this. Right as I knew i was past the moment of no return she let go of my cock and pulled her hand away and just stared at me. I sat there and shot huge jets of cum into my pants as she watched and chuckled to herself. It was exhilarating until she didnt say a word then got up and left me sitting there with that mess in my pants. I havent gone on a tinder date since.