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We were engaged for almost two years. We fucked occasionally and I sucked his dick a few times but he always pulled out before he orgasm'd. We finally got married. He was the only man I ever had any sexual contact with. He seemed to have a really big cock. He said it was seven inches long. I didn't really know if that was large or normal. The wedding was great and I told him I loved him so much I'd do anything for him. Finally came the wedding night. We rented a nice hotel room and after dinner we showered together and were ready for bed. He always took charge when we were naked together. I was pretty excited when he asked me to lay on my back with my head off the end of the bed. He was playing with my breasts and said to just close my eyes and relax. I felt his cock against my lips so I opened my mouth and he gently mouth fucked me. Just a little at first, about what I normally sucked then he pushed in farther until he hit the back of my throat. He pulled out and said He was going to teach me to deep throat him. Before I could say anything he shoved his cock to the back of my throat again. I almost gagged but held off. He hit the back of my throat a few more times then said only tow more inches to go. That scared me a little and I tried to push him off. He was much stronger than me and held my hand in place. He hit the back of my throat again and pushed. I was now gagging but he pushed in farther. Then he pulled out. I sputtered and spittle flew out of my mouth. Then he was back in. He continued to fuck my mouth like this for another few minutes. He kept telling me to relax and just swallow it like it was a banana. I tried but it was making me gag every time. Then he pushed all the way in. That time I didn't gag but felt him drive past my throat and I felt his nuts on my nose. He said "Just a little more honey." He leaned into it and was now all the way in. I couldn't breathe. I was ready to pass out when he pulled his dick out of my mouth. I took a big breath and he was all the way in again. He pulled halfway out and told me to breathe. This went on for about another five minutes and then said he was going to cum. I really didn't want this but he was holding my head steady as he mouth fucked me. Then said he was cumming. I felt it as he shot down my throat. I didn't taste anything as he came down my throat. He pulled out until I could breathe and said to suck the rest out of him. I then tasted it as he finished cumming. It wasn't great but not as bad as I thought it would be. Then he said "Here's the deal honey, I'm not gonna let you cum until you deep throat me on your own and learn to swallow everything I give you. Then he laid on his back with his cock half hard and told me wait 10 minutes and suck him deep. I never dreamed he could be so rough but noticed that my pussy was wet and neither of us had even touched it. I went into the bathroom to clean up. I came out a few minutes later and he spread his legs and said to get to it. I knelt between his legs and took him into my mouth but couldn't take him down my throat. He got pissed and got up. He ordered me onto my back again at the end of the bed. We repeated the scene until his nuts were slapping my nose. He pulled half way out just as he started cumming. I tasted it all that time.

It took four days of him face fucking me at the end of the bed. We hadn't fucked yet as man and wife and He told me every day that I wouldn't cum until I learned to deep throat him and swallow voluntarily. On the last night of our Hotel stay I was finally able to get him all the way in on my own. He came hard in my mouth and I was okay with his cum by now. We finally ended up fucking that last night and I came so fucking hard I nearly passed out. I came to love a hard face fucking and loved it when he pounded my pussy like a fucking piston. Over the years I've sucked his cock so many times I can't count. Then about a year ago I was on my hands and knees and he was eating me. His tongue slipped, or so I thought, and he licked my asshole. Then he rubbed his cock on my cunt a few times to get it slippery and shoved it in my ass. I screamed at the pain. He said that now I had to learn to take it in the ass. For the next week he fucked me in the ass twice a night until I finally was relaxed enough. It really didn't do much for me but when he shoved a vibrating cock in my cunt and then shoved his cock in my ass it took me to new heights. It must have been the extra pressure that made me cum harder than ever. By the time we were married five years he had introduced me into not only deep oral sex and anal sex but sex with him and one of his friends. They called it being spit-roasted. One cock in my mouth and one in my cunt. Then it became two of his friends and him. This was so fucking hot. One man mouth fucking me, one fucking me in the cunt and one under me fucking me in the ass. This became our thing. Three men fucking me in all three holes at once. I never dreamed that anything could be better than an occasional fuck normally. I thrived on this, but when he brought another couple home it got even more intense. One man in my mouth, one man under me fucking my ass and the other woman eating my pussy. What a fucking rush. Then after the guy came in my mouth he switched places with the woman and I learned to eat pussy while being fucked in my other two holes. I've learned to be comfortable and even crave all types of sex. It could be sofy or rough, bound or free. I love it all and even had my husband call me names during sex. What a fucking whore I've become.