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My young nephew somehow started to masturbate and I asked him about it and he said some kid at his school showed him porn. He showed me what it was on his iPhone and it was Shemale porn and he wanted to try it with me. I was not sure since my Filipina friend “Vicky” had a “daughter” that was transgender.

Nephew did not want his parents to know about this and I told him not to worry but keep this under wraps. I then told Vicky about this and she said it’s normal for kids to go through this.

Well after a week nephew brings it up again and says he really wants to do this. Again I brush it off and I tell this to my other female friend “Denise”. She also tells me not to do it. Another week and I tell both that I am going to.

So on Saturday nephew is over and I am trying not to and I first call Denise and tell her I need help. I then call Vicky and she comes over to my place with her “daughter” Stacy.

Then Denise shows up and they try talking nephew out of it but instead it turns him on. He’s got 3 attractive gals talking to him.

Stacy then asks Vicky “Should I mom?” and Vicky tells her “Sure” and Stacy goes to my bedroom and Vicky and Denise help nephew get undressed.

Stacy walks out of bedroom with just her top on and her Asian cock is hard and Vicky and her go in my bedroom and shut the door. So Denise and I watch TV and Vicky comes out nude and said “He’s doing good. I am going to get him after Stacy. Denise do you want to?” and she says yes. Vicky goes back in.

After some time Stacy comes out and opens bathroom door and shuts it. Then asks me if I can cover the window because nephew needs to shower. I go in there and he is covered in Stacy’s cum. So I put a towel in the window and they both shower.

Then Vicky has her turn with him and they both shower. While they shower Stacy sitting next to me thanks me for letting her do my nephew and it really turned her on. Then she looks at me while her 10inch cock is rising and places her hand on back of my head whispering “Please”. So I suck her cock.

Vicky and Nephew are done and Denise then gets up and this black goddess is stunning naked at 57 years of age. She nails my nephew while I am pleasuring Stacy.

I get my nephew this coming Saturday.