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My young daughter has started exploring lately. My gf and I have caught her rubbing herself against the arms of the couch, the edges of her tv chair, and a couple of her bigger stuffed animals. Both my gf and I grew up in more conservative homes, so we don’t want to discourage her or make her feel like she’s doing something wrong, especially since it’s in the privacy of our home.

My gf works at the casino so she’s gone during the evenings so we always have our tv time before bed where my daughter usually crawls into my lap while we watch our shows.

The last couple times, things got a bit weird. When she started to get tired, she began to rock herself while in my lap, and since she was right against my dick I got hard. The first time it happened, I gently picked her up and said that it was time for my to tuck her in because she seemed tired. The next time, though, I let it go on for a bit. I zoned out on what exactly was happening and just enjoyed how it felt. The last time it happened, I let it go on longer than I should have and almost came in my pants. I got up abruptly and said daddy has to pee bad and I went to the bathroom to finish myself off.

I feel guilty that I let it go as far as I did, and for how good it felt. My gf and I are on opposite schedules so we don’t fool around very often. Sadly that was the first activity I have had in months and I feel so conflicted