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i wanted him so bad valetines day.he is cursed with beauty and brains. i couldn't believe i got enough courage and then he scared me and shut me down.He didn't get to see his surprise my sexy red lingerie that was see through. i remember when by accident i saw through his pants because his shirt wasn't tucked in. most women would have been offended i got turned on he was saluting i guess i should told him but i knew it would disappearso i thought i let him see my privates and see if i was a natural redhead or if i shave it.but i spent a lot of time thinking this up. he dont know how fast my heart was going i thought i might have to call and ambulance it was really beating fast out of fear.i wanted to shove himt against the wall so i could control him and do dirty things.i have not had sex in19 years i am desperate now i ready to rip amn into pieces.but dont getme wrong there are times when i want hot raw sex other times to be held and loved.i dont want nothing complkicted i am in appoint in my life i need championship.but i dont think i will ever get the courage up agin.i really need him but he hasn't called. i wish i could be invisible i would be in his office tourting him as he works

blowing him and etc. i repesct him why haven't i . that's why i have not ripped his clothes off of stood naked in front of him or climb into his window i never never would allow him to change his schedule he has people who need and depend on him i depnd on him to . but i feel hard but that wasn't the case when i first met him and he stll had some black haie i prefer his sliver locks but i just said ti myself this clown going help me i will be gone in two or three vist he has helped me and i am grateful but i love him i worry about him when has to trevl back and forth. that man could touch me to end of kindom come. i just want to make him cum and not able to walk he does take my breathe away. wht is a woman to do? my valentine gift was me i dont have the means to take him to a motel and cetain not around this asshole town.i could have cuss his ass out i just politely left believe me i hd selct words but i was so humiliated.