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I was 39 years old and been teaching my whole working life. I'm not married but had a girlfriend, she was also a teacher.

I was one of 3 teachers acting as escorts for our school freshman trip. I won't say where we went for privacy reasons, but we were going away for 6 nights.

Now i won't lie, but i like checking out the girls, seeing them in school uniforms and skirts. I have always liked girls young and cute. By the time i was 15 the only girls i checked out were 13-15 year old's.

Anyway the trip was formal so the students had to be in uniforms each day and evening. They could change into relaxation clothes once past 7:30 pm and the days activities were done.

The first couple of nights i just tagged along with my female counterpart when she did rounds to check on the girls and make sure all was ok. Then again at lights out. Seeing so many of the girls in pj's, singlet tops, boxers and even a few only in bras and panties was exciting.

It was the fourth evening and while everyone was in the main dinning hall for a dinner with a few guests i noticed one girl missing. I noticed cause i have been checking her out each night. She is 14, extremely long blonde hair down her back, nice small breasts and a super tight body. She even had nice hips forming and seeing her in her school skirts was always lovely. I told the other 2 escorts there with me that i would go find her and bring her back.

I left and headed firstly to the bathrooms and asked a waitress to check if she was in their. She wasn't. I checked with the main desk which room she had been moved too for the night, as we were rotating the boys and girls to have different room mates each night. Obviously not mixing them.

Anyway i headed to her room. When i got to the door it was closed, but i heard noises inside. I took a few steps back and was able to see inside, the curtain had a small gap to the window edge. I was so surprised and turned on at the same time. She had her school shirt on and her skirt, but it was the rest i was excited to see. She was straddled legs over the end corner of the bed, her pillow between her legs, sliding herself back and forth over it, rubbing herself against it. I could see she had pink panties on and she was rubbing through them, but they pulled nice and tight each time she slid back.

I was going to burst in, but i realized i wanted to watch. Moving back to the door i very carefully checked if it was unlocked and was pleased to find it was. Without thinking, even though i know i shouldn't have i very checked both ways up the walkways and noting no one coming i quickly stripped. Very gently i opened the door only enough to slip in. I closed it and gently hooked the latch.

After putting my clothes down next to the door i very slowly made my way towards her. I was lucky as she had her eyes closed as she softly moaned. Being so distracted she didn't seem to notice me at all. I was right behind her by this point. I waited till she slowed down again and slid right back. Taking my opportunity, as fast as i could i lifted the back of her school skirt, pulled her panties down over her ass, enough to have clear access, and grabbing her hips tightly i pulled her even further back as i pushed my cock directly into her pussy. She was already nice and juicy from her rubbing, so i slipped in easily. I didn't feel any hymen being broken, but who cares. She yelped as i pushed in.

Before she had a chance to scream i used 1 hand to push her head down and into the bed cover. It was like having my cock in a vice, she tried so hard to tighten herself up to stop me, it just made it even better. I just rammed her as fast as i could, driving myself as deep as i could each time. I only lasted maybe 2 minutes, and i let go of her head as i held both hips again, pulling her as tightly onto my cock as i could as i unloaded inside her super hot teen body.

She lay crying as i sat in the chair next to the bed. She didn't even move, but once i was hard again i knew i had too. The second time i made her spread as wide as i could, still holding her hips tight, i thrust into her for almost 15 minutes until i pumped a second huge load into her pussy. She just kept muttering about please don't cum in her and she is not on the pill. All she did was make me blow even harder in her at the idea of impregnating such a beautiful young girl. She wouldn't even be 15 by the time she would have my baby if i did manage to impregnate her.

Well i cleaned up, cleaned her up and put her into bed. I explained to her that if she told anyone that i knew her younger sister and i would fuck her much harder than i did her if she did tell. I left and went back to the dinner and explained that she was unwell and needed to sleep.

On the final night i managed to catch her as she left the dinner and headed to the bathroom, i pulled her away and since i had told the other teachers i was going to call it, i took her to my room. I fucked her so many times that night, making sure to fill her pussy until i was blowing blanks. I took her back to her room at about 3:30 in the morning and told the other girls that woke she had been unwell, but she was fine now. I must have fucked her at least 6 or 7 times, as i was so sore by the time o got back to my room.

She came to see me back at school almost 9 weeks after the camp to tell me my wish had come true and she was pregnant. She wanted me to pay for the abortion and not tell her parents. I lied and said i would, but she will have to let me fuck her everyday until she is at least 14 or 16 weeks along and just starting to show. I wanted to see her belly at least a little bit swollen with our baby. She cried, but agreed. I fucked her almost every afternoon in my class room before she left to go home. I waited till she was 17 weeks and then said i would pay now. She didn't know that i planned it and the clinic had to explain to her she was past the 16 week cut off and they couldn't abort our baby. Oh my god it was so happy i had got the timing right. Just knowing she was going to have to carry my baby to term and actually wouldn't be able to hide it soon, was the best turn on.

Since this happened, i got a taste for the forbidden girls and each year for the last 10 odd years i have targeted at least one girl and in almost every case i found a way to get them. I just love blackmailing them and fucking their young bodies. I even got a 13 year pregnant 2 years ago. My first child love had a baby girl who i almost 11 now. I have 4 other children with the girls i fucked over the years. My 11 year old daughter is very smart and has skipped a few levels in school. She is joining this years trip and i know that she started her periods 4 months ago. I have already planned to fuck and impregnate her while we are away. I really want my young daughter to come home with her own sister growing in her young teen belly.