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Ever since truly accidentally walked in on my sister in law, completely naked as she was preparing to shower, I have had a raging desire to rape her. She has the most beautiful, big tits I have ever seen up close and personal. She has a full, but nicely trimmed mound of fur that I want to bury my face in.

I don't desire to make love to her or have a consensual affair, I want to rape her. So far, I can say it has been a controllable desire, mainly due to the fact that the situational opportunity has not presented itself that would allow me to do it.

However, my brother has recently taken a position that requires him to travel pretty extensively. This week, he is going to be gone for at least a week. I have been scheming as to how I can break into his house and rape his wife. I want her to struggle and fight. I want to have to chase her through the house. I want to have to slap her around and force her into submission as I tear her clothes off and force myself into her.

I want her to know it's me raping her. I want to see the look of anger and betrayal in her eyes as I thrust into her. I especially want to see the look in her eyes as I pump wave after wave of my cum deep inside her.