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My 3 year old granddaughter was fast asleep on my bed. She was wearing nothing but a pair of little pink panties. She was laying on her belly with one leg pulled up and bent at the knee. How beautiful was that little bubble butt!!!!! I got my phone and took a few pics. I begin to wonder what it would look like with out the panties!!! I wondered if I could slip them down with out waking her. I began to gently and carefully slide them down an inch at a time. Very slowly and very carefully. I got them all the way down to her knees!!! Still asleep. No reaction!! Wow!!! What a beautiful little bubble butt!!! Her skin was so perfect and so white!!!! Her little bubble butt was so meaty, I had to spread her cheeks apart to see her tiny little anus. Took a few pics of that perfect little butt hole. I could see her tiny little pussy lips. I pushed the one bent leg up further to expose her her pussy more. I gently spread her pussy lips apart and took some more pics. My GOD!!! What a beautiful sight!!! I was really getting aroused!!! My heart felt like it was pounding. My chest was heaving. I was sweating profusely. My cock was so hard it hurt!!! I don't remember the last time it was so hard!!! It was so blood engorged the head was PURPLE!!!! It felt like it was going to explode!!!! I really wanted to jack off and shoot a load of hot cum all over her beautiful little butt!!! Did I dare??? What would I do if she woke up?? I was soooo aroused I had to!!! I took my pajamas off and got up on the bed and straddled her with my cock right over her butt. I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. I reached down and spread her cheeks open so that I could see her butt hole. I wanted to fill her little ass crack with my cum. after only a few strokes I could feel a huge orgasm coming. Suddenly I started shooting huge streams of cum like I NEVER have experienced!!! It was flying right past her little ass crack and all over her back and even up onto her face and hair. It just kept coming. Stream after stream!!! OH MY GOD!!!! What if she woke up right now????? I finally got my dick pointed down to where the last squirt or two were onto her butt and in her ass crack. WOW what a sight!!! This little 3 year old girl laying there with panties pulled down to her knees and her face, hair, back, butt and pussy covered in cum. The cum was running down her ass crack and onto her tiny little pussy. I spread her pussy lips apart so that the cum could run in. I spread her ass cheeks apart so that her anus opened up to let the cum run into it. I took several minutes of video up close of all the cum. Especially her cum covered little anus and pussy. I was finally starting to catch my breath and the sweating was starting to subside. Now I had to get this mess cleaned up and get her panties pulled back up without waking her. I suddenly got the idea of licking my cum off of her ass hole and pussy. Could I do that with out waking her? Should I chance it? I had to try. Keeping the video going I started to lick my cum out of her ass crack and then worked my way down to her beautiful little pussy. She was still asleep. I decided to keep licking and work my way up her back. Damn!!! A lot of cum!!! I got to her face and was really worried about waking her up but very slowly and gently licked all my cum off her face and hair. I then got some wet wipes and wiped her down really good. Now to get her panties pulled back up. Her beautiful bubble butt and pussy being exposed like this I hated to pull her panties up, but knew I had to. Just wanted to get one or two more licks of that sweet little butt hole. I did not want this to end. I spit a big load of saliva on her butt hole and then started to swirl my finger around in it. I got my finger tip and her butt hole covered in my saliva and started to gently push my finger into her tiny and tight little butt hole. No movement. Still asleep. I pushed a little harder. Suddenly my fingertip disappeared into her anus. WOW!!! Incredible!!! Keep the video going!!!! Be gentle. Go slow!! It seemed to be relaxing a bit because my finger was slowly disappearing into her butt hole. It was at least halfway in!!!! OH MY GOD!!! SHE MOVED!!!! OH SHIT!!!! I froze!!! After a few seconds she settled down and seemed to be still asleep. My finger was still halfway buried in her asshole. Should I pull it out and get those panties pulled back up or should I keep going??? How far could I get my finger in her tight little butt hole??? My cock was rock hard again. I started stroking my cock again at the same time pushing my finger deeper into her asshole. MY GOD!! My finger is suddenly ALL THE WAY IN!!!!! It has got to be at least 4 or 5 inches long. This little girl is just 3 year old!!!! WOW!!!! It was all more than I could stand and I started shooting another load of cum. I quickly pulled my finger out of her asshole, and shot my load of cum on her asshole. It was still gapped open a little and quite a bit of my cum was running into it. I was using my fingers to scoop it toward her hole, trying to get as much of it as I could to run into her butthole. What a sight!!! I could have done this all night but knew I had already pushed my luck too far. I quickly and gently got her cleaned up and her panties back in place, giving her beautiful little ass one last kiss.