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I joined the USMC right out of High School on the buddy system with Tracy. We went to boot camp together and went to our tech school together. We were best friends in school and talked about everything. We even competed against each other in nearly everything. We were out in the desert at school and often pt'd together. That meant we ran together. One day he challenged me to a three mile race. I knew I could beat him so I agreed. Then he said that our bet was that the loser had to suck the winner's cock. We often bet money but never a sex act but I knew I could beat him so I agreed. He wanted to make sure that I would honor the bet if I lost. I readily agreed, knowing that in a little bit I would get my cock sucked.

We started the 3 mile courst pretty even. By the halfway point I was ahead. We got near the end and he came sprinting by me and crossed the finish line about thr4ee years ahead of me. That was the first time he ever beat me in a road race. Fuck me I thought. I hope he was just kidding about our bet. We roomed together and got back to the room without a word about the bet. But as soon as we got into the room he said I owed him the bet. Fuck you I said, but he reminded me that if I had won he would suck my cock so he thought I should honor the bet as well. As he said this he was stripping.

I had seen him naked a few times in gym class and in our room but never thought anything about it. He started to wave his cock back and forth and as I sat on my bunk he stood in front of me. Again I said "Well fuck me." I noticed my cock had twitched a couple times and realized I wanted to suck his cock even though I wouldn't admit it. He stood iun front of me and I took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him until he got hard, then he started to mouth fuck me. Surprisingly I didn't gag when he shoved his cock down my throat. I was actually liking it and when he came in my mouth I took it all.

A week later as we came back to our room from dinner he asked point blank if I wanted to suck his cock aga9in. I said I wasn't sure but as he removed his trousers and then his boxers I couldn't help but stare at his cock. Ht said he knew I wanted it. I did and pulled him forward and put his cock in my mouth. When he was hard he said that he wanted to fuck me. I said I wasn't into that. He was a lot stronger than me and pulled me off of my bunk and onto the floor. He managed to strip me and said if I screamed he would beat the shit out of me. I knew he could so I remained quiet. He pushed my legs up toward my chest and scooted up to me. He had one hand playing with my smallish cock and the other was rubbing up and down my ass crack. It actually felt pretty good and I didn't fight him. Then I felt a wet finger enter my asshole. I wasn't sure at first but it soon felt really good so I just relaxed and let him finger fuck me. then he said he was going to fuck me. His cock pushed into my ass and spread my hole wide. He started to fuck me and my cock got harder. I was loving it. He finally thrust all the way in and I actually felt him cum inside me. He filled my ass to the point it was oozing out and down my ass crack.

That was the first time of dozens of times I sucked him or he fucked me. I was in love. From acquaintences to best frineds to lovers. We got out of the Corps within a month of each other and kept seeing each other. We got married a couple of years ago and I do anything he wants. I'm a stay at home husband and he brings home the bacon. He provides very well and all I have to do is cocok, clean and tend to his big cock nearly every night. Man I love my fucking gay life.