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I’d like to start off in saying technically I was molested by various cousins when I was about 8 years old. I was always a very curious and enthusiastic child and I loved my cousins so much. I was an only child and had only younger or older kids to play with. The older girls were about 15 or 16 at the time and loved having a little blond haired green eyed slave boy to do their bidding. I loved the attention and blame my painful addiction to all things sexual on the ‘education' they gave me.

Neither knew about the ‘games' each of them played with me. They were on different sides of the family so hardly had the chance to meet. The first was Jacky. She was a tall tomboy with red hair and dusty blue eyes. She was still growing into her body from what I remember. Her face was delicate and a bit long, long arms and legs with breasts just starting to show. She loved the outdoors, fishing, camping, hunting. She loved to build shit. Often I would find her head down and ass up working on dune buggies or sprawled on the floor working on mini bikes.

Our games varied but the one that still makes me Jack off and spray walls to this day was a fishing trip.

There were loads of cranberry bogs around where we lived and we would often borrow a Jerry boat and just paddle out for the day. It was so much fun being out in the middle of the bog with not another soul for miles. By this time we have played simple games. Kissing, heavy petting, truth or dare. She always was in control telling me what she wanted me to do. She was fascinated with trying various things to my young cock and balls. Squeezing, pulling, pinching even slapped them a few times. When she licked and sucked me the first time I felt like I was convulsing when I came. At the time I had yet to have a full load. Best I could do was a heavy flow of slippery precum that she seemed to love.

Anyway, that one day on the boat we were dressed to swim. Shorts and tee shirts. It was hot as fuck out in the bog so we both expected to get wet. There was some flirtation on the trip out where she told me she wanted me to do something with her she always wanted to try. Obviously I was all for it.

I remember the boat rocked a little as she stood up and started shifting gear around. She told me to come up to the front with her as she took off her shorts. I’ve seen her fiery young Bush close up during licking lessons before but I started shaking like a dog wanting a treat. She always joked with me that I took direction well. She leaned back draping herself over the life preservers and seat cushions and spread her legs as I finally got to her and keeled in to start licking and sucking her ‘kitty’ like she taught me.

Jacky was always a restrained girl when we played. Always trying to be silent in fear of being found out so it scared me into stopping when she moaned loudly. The moan turned into a whimper not to stop. That she needed to ‘pop’ before we could try something different. Her hands were freezing when she cupped my head and pulled me into her for a good eating. She was not shy or timid and I think that was one of the best things for me. She arched her hips when she wanted me deeper or maneuvered to guide my oral attention to the correct location. Jacky had a very sensitive clit and would always flinch on the uplick. It had to be about 10 -15 min of jaw aching work until her painting and moaning were short and clipped. I sucked her clit hard rolling my tongue in circles over it. When she came she gripped the sides of the boat and locked her legs around me. She damn near screamed every cuss word I knew and it echoed over the water. I have craved her taste for years. Sweet and salty just like a good candy should have been.

She lay there with her eyes closed taking in the sun’s warmth. She told me to pet her kitty for a little. She asked if I remembered fingering. I started petting her pussy trying to circle around her swollen and red clit. She was so wet 3 fingers were nothing. She told me to try to add more. I slipped in a forth with some resistance. She started moving again. Pushing my fingers deeper into her. I watched, stupefied as My curled thumb almost entering her asshole each time she pushed. She told me to try to fit my whole hand in her. At this point my shorts were soaked with precum. My cock was so hard it hurt. I was having problems focusing but my addiction to want to please overruled all else. One second I had four fingers blurred deep in her the next just the tips as she drew back then with a little effort my whole hand slid into her pussy up to the wrist. We both froze at the achievement. I could feel her muscles contracting around me and she panted in short breaths. She started to rock slowly back and forth as her eyes sleepily closed again. I tried experimented myself with opening my hand or making a fist. Various actions brought out more moans. It didn’t take long before she sat up quickly and grabbed my arm pushing me even deeper. She just looked at me and stopped breathing. Her hips bucked twice and I could feel her pussy tighten over and over like a mouth trying to take in more and more. I could see my small fist poking and moving under the skin of her tummy. I remember giving myself a little wave which shoved her over the edge to cum, from what she told me later, the hardest she ever had. She twitched and convulsed as I pulled out of her. My hand was soaked up to mid forearm. Streams of her juices soaked the cushion making small pools in the boat.

It was a good fifteen minutes before she even tried to move. We did many things as playing games in two short years but memories of that one boat ride will keep me viagra free forever.