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I had been volunteering at a special needs school for almost 3 months. I have always liked helping out and being able to help the children who need it. I have a young brother who has needed help most of his life.

A new girl was enrolled and i was asked to meet her the next day and help settle her into her new class. I found out she was actually 15, but with a capacity of about a 6 or 7 year old. She had been sick when she was young and basically never expanded beyond that age.

The next day i met her parents and her. I was shocked as she looked absolutely stunning. If h hadn't known i would have guessed she was 18 or 19 years old, not only just turned 15. She had no external signs that she was handicapped, but once we spoke a bit it was clear she was very young minded. She was also carrying a doll, she called Trish. She said it was her best friend.

Well all was good for a few days, but i have to admit i was always staring at her, wondering what she looked like under the young girl tops and skirts. I spoke to her parents a few times and i even asked her mother if i needed to worry about her given she was clearly maturing. Her mother knew what i meant and said she didn't understand and she took care to make sure when she gets dressed in the morning that a pad was always placed in her pants before she got them to put on. I thanked her and checked it she had any monthly issues, which i was pleased to find out none that were apparent and she joked and said i'll find out in 2 weeks.

While playing a couple days later she got upset and ran out. I had to go find her and found her hiding under the deck out the back of the school lunch area. I took her inside and we went to the change rooms for some quiet to help calm her. I was talking to her and we chatted about Trish, her doll. She told me that when Trish was old enough she was going to have a baby they could both look after.

I know i shouldn't of, but the chance was to good. A young girl, super cute, knowing she was right about ovulation time and wouldn't understand. I did!

I told her if she wanted a baby sooner i could help her and Trish now if she wanted. But it would be our secret and then we could get her a baby. She was so excited i told her we needed to play a game and then she would have a baby soon after.

It was slow, but i explained every step to her as i helped pull her skirt and pants off, lifted her top off and took my own pants off. I spent almost 4 hours that day fucking her tight pussy, pumping every load i could into her belly. Over the next 4 weeks i must have fucked her and unloaded in her at least 50 times. She seemed to enjoy our game and hadn't said anything to anyone. I slowed down after this and was only fucking her once or twice a day for almost another 2 months. Her mother asked me one morning when she was dropping her off how much she was eating as she appeared to be gaining a little bit of weight. When i stripped her that day i could see her belly had a small bump forming. My god i was so turned on knowing a girl of 7 mentally, and not even 16 physically was pregnant with my baby, i really went to town on her. When her mother picked her up she asked why her daughter looked so tired and i explained a lot of sports and running today. Well, kind of true since i kept fucking her for almost the entire day. I blew dry loads the last 4 or 5 times after fucking her pretty close to once every 30 minutes for 7 hours.

I left that school and moved states after this. I found a new school and as of now, i have been fucking a 9 year old girl who is unable to talk and give me up, but has been menstruating for almost 3 months. I love putting her diapers back on after i have pumped her pussy full seed, knowing that no one knows she is full or leaking all day. Sometimes i fuck her 4 or 5 times, which really leaves her diaper wet with leaking cum when i change her before her mother comes to pick her up. I can't wait to see her belly swell as well. Only 9 years old and i am trying so hard to put a baby in her tiny belly.