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I've always been really sexual. I love masturbating but I've never had a dick in me. I'd love to have a dick in me. I started really young. I'd guess around 8 years old. But I stopped once I got caught by my mum. I had been rubbing my clit through my shorts and she caught me and slapped my hand. I didn't do it unless she was gone. So I'd put a finger in. Then I'd add more.

Skip to when I was in 6th grade, I had watched porn and I went down a rabbit hole and ended up seeing a dog lick his owners pussy. So I left the dog lick my pussy. I have 3 dogs. Two small ones and a husky. One of the small ones isn't interested. The other one is. So is the husky. The husky always overpowered the little one a licked my pussy. By 7th. I was adding more fingers and thick hairbrushes and letting the dogs lick me. Soon I got a girlfriend, so I stopped messing with the dogs. We ended up going long distance and we decided to masturbate for each other on Camera. We both fucked our pussies for about 3or 4 hours. Soon we were both dry. We squirted for those 3-4 hours. It was 8th grade. We broke up. But I was still hella horny. So I watched porn and masturbated. I stopped because I always made a mess on the floor.

Well, now its freshman year. I'm 15 and I still love masturbating. This year since I've been in lockdown. I've gone on sites and masturbated. Before my school closed down I masturbated in the restroom. But I've become a bigger whore. Giving my nudes in exchange for nudes from older men. Giving some shows for men. I even had a dom which told me to do things by the end he pushed me way too much to where he wanted me every day and I couldn't. So we stopped. But this one guy. He has a fetish for pj's and I end up masturbating for him all the time.

I really wanna get fucked through. Not by dildo. But by a dick. A 7' inch. I don't wanna ask any boy out because If I send nudes to them I could get exposed to the whole school. But still. I'd love to get fucked. I'm only 15 through which sucks. But id goes out for dick. It just has to be in my area. Hit me up on one of these. Kik- Subgirl58 Discord- matte.souls #5486