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I’ve been Married for 30 years and have been finding out my wife has kept a lot of secrets from me. I will also share some of my secrets over the years. We were at a party with my sil and her husband when all the my bil and his friends took off to the stipclubs leaving us back at the party. The girls were drinking and enjoying the attention of the others that stayed behind. The house was filled with many rooms along with an outdoor swimming pool/hottub with people hardly wearing anything if they weren’t naked all the way. My wife and sil have always been competitive and that night was no different. Most of the men left behind were older and were outnumbered by all the beautiful women. As I toured the house I was seeing women showing off their beautiful bodies to anyone who would look. Being caught up in all of this, I realized my wife off exploring the house with her sister. When I finally found her I was surprised to find her having a conversation with the owner of the home. He was in his 50’s and very good looking. She didn’t notice I was back in the room and could see and hear everything going on. I watched as this man smoothly complemented my wife and undressed her with his eyes. I could tell he was getting an eye full of her breast as they continued to laugh and talk about nothing. His hand was caressing her shoulders and would travel lower and lower as they talked. What happened next blew my mind. The guy asked my wife why she didn’t go with her sister to the bathroom to remove their panties for the door prize of $100. My wife downed the rest of her beer and said “who needs a bathroom to do that”. She then proceeded to lift her skit up to grab her panties. And remove them in front of everyone. She took her panties and brought them to her nose and then said “here is a gift for you inviting us into your home”. She then took the panties and placed them in his front pocket. I could tel that she was taking her time to feel the hardening of her host and slowly withdrew her hand. It was then that I noticed her sister had just walked in and witnessed everything that just happened. As I said they are competitive in all that they do. Her sister was jealous of the attention my wife was receiving and started yelling at her. She charged at my wife and they were about to go to blows when the home owner and I quickly separated the two. It was getting ugly when he suggested we take them to a separate place to cool down. I grabbed my sil around the waste and started encouraging her to go outside and cool off. I turned to she that my wife was being escorted out of the room by the homeowner. I should have know that would be an evening to remember seeing him walk my wife out of the room with his hand on her ass