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when i was 12yo, i was at a mall dressed in little gym shorts and a large tee shirt, some times they made my dick hard, especially when i past a maternity shop, with a big window poster of a knocked up gal in her bra and big panties stretched way over her baby bump, just a little bit of her bare baby bump showed between her panties, and bra, she was pretty pregnant 6 months may be.

just like that, i had to get to a restroom right away, lucky to found a private bathroom, i took my shirt off, and without hesitation, my dick wiggled so hard i cummed huge in my shorts, after cleaning up myself, snuck on home, went in my room, flipped on my home computer, pulled up a picture of a 5 month pregnant blond chick in over belly maternity panties that showed off a little of her growing baby bump, i put on my speedo for the ocasion, then in the middle of the night, my dick wiggled cum in my speedo, when i woke up to that same underwear clad knocked up blond chick, it fueled my maiesiophilia for sure!