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My family and friends call me Reena! I was born in 1963, so I’m 57 years old now and pretty much look the same as I did when I was a kid.....very long reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, big boobs, round bubble ass and a tad-bit over 5 feet tall! The only thing that’s really changed about me over time is the normal aging features! I meet my husband right after I graduated college in 1986 and even though we’ve been married for more than 30 years, he still teases me about the night we first met. I was at a bar with my girlfriend and I made her introduced us. We instantly hit it off and laughed the night away. When it was time to leave I was very drunk and asked him to drive me back to my new apartment, so he could come in and see it. I immediately went, or should I say stumbled into the bathroom and came back out completely naked. He pretty much knew at that point he was getting laid! We began kissing and he slowly slid his cock into my pussy and let out this long sigh, so I knew he liked being inside me. As we began fucking he asked me “is it okay if I cum inside you”. I was so wasted I slurred “sure…but not in my pussy”! At that point I slid out from under him, rolled over on my stomach and slurred “if you want to cum inside me you have to fuck me in the ass, okay”! He was so stunned he just froze and stared at me like he didn’t hear me correctly. While I was stumbling around, trying to get myself in the “face-down-ass-up” position for him…with an excited, but concerned look on his face, he mumbled “ummm okay...should I lube you up or something”? Again, being so incredibly drunk and thinking this would impress him, I slurred “nah... I’ve been taking it in the ass since I was 12 years old, I don’t need lube”! That was probably not a good thing to admit on a first date. Especially to a guy I really liked! And the worst part is that I have no idea why I said that, because it wasn’t true! I mean, it was true that I had been taking it in the ass since I was 12, but I did need Vaseline! That was actually the first time in my life that I didn’t lube up for anal sex and my asshole was on fire the next day!

After he came inside me he sat back on my bed for a few minutes and said “so tell me the truth Reena....have you really been getting fucked in the ass since you were 12 years old”? At that point the room was spinning so I just curled up next to him and mumbled “mmmhum”! His next question was “well how old were you when you lost your virginity”? I mumbled “10”! He then asked “just out of curiosity, how many guys have you had sex with”? I thought about it for a minute and in a drunken stupor mumbled “ummm...not really sure….maybe like 100”, than I passed out! When I woke up in the morning he was gone. I was praying I didn’t blow it, so I told my girlfriend what happened, hoping she would tell me it was fine. Unfortunately she made me feel worse! She just kept saying “you let him fuck you in the ass and told him you’ve had sex with 100 guys...on a first date! I know him Reena...he’s never calling you again”! I wanted to cry because I really-really liked him! To my surprise he called me a few days later to check on me. I said I was sorry for getting so drunk and he laughingly replied “not a problem, you certainly made it an interesting night”! On our second date I had just gotten my period, so I jokingly said “whelp it’s that time of the month for me, so no drunken sex for you tonight”! He laughed and said “Oh come on... I bet you 12 year old Reena wouldn’t have let a little blood stop her”! I smiled and sarcastically said “ha-ha you’re funny”! Before he picked me up, I told myself “DO NOT HAVE SEX WITH HIM TONIGHT”! My girlfriend told me that my husband liked the innocent-good-girl types, so I wanted him to think that what I was an innocent-good-girl too. Unfortunately it was too late for that! As we began talking it was obvious to me he was fascinated with how sexually wild I was. I decided to just be myself and do what came naturally to me, so while he drove to the restaurant I leaned over, unzipped his pants and sucked him off! What really impressed him was that after I swallowed his load I kept squeezing his cock and licking up the last drips of his cum, so he didn’t get any stains on his pants. We ended up having another late, great night together, so I told him to sleep over again. I sucked him off before we went to bed and again in the morning before he left! I was 22 when I meet him and at 25 I was his wife. He loves knowing that I was a dirty girl, but I feel bad because he also knows I'm not telling him every detail about my sexual past and he’s right. I actually want to tell him everything, but my sexual history isn't something I'm proud of. In fact, it’s pretty fucked up!

It all started one night when my father took me for a “special ride” after dinner. Did he take me for ice cream like a normal dad? Nope! First he made me watch him shoot-up heroin and then he drove over to the next town where he picked up some skinny red-headed prostitute and made me watch him get his cock sucked. The first time that prostitute got in the car she looked at me all confused and said “hey…what’s with the kid”? My father told her that I was his daughter and I quote, “that he was training me to be his little sex machine”, so he wanted her to show me some tricks of the trade! At that point that skinny red-headed prostitute just shrugged her shoulders, took his money and showed me how to properly suck a dick, while I sat there uncomfortably watching. That first ride happened back in the fall of 1971, when I was still an innocent naïve little 8 year old girl and it changed my life forever! By summer time I had gone on over 40 drug and prostitute rides with him and witnessed every sex act possible….straight sex, oral, anal, 3-ways, gangbangs! I had 3 sisters and 2 brothers, some older some younger, yet I was the only he did this too. Why my father chose to do this stuff to only me is the question that’s tormented me my whole life! My father’s nick-name for me was Reena Farina! I have no idea why he called me that, but when I was a little kid, Reena is what everyone in town called me. He made sure I knew this was our secret fun and that I could never-ever tell anyone about him training me to be his “little sex-machine”, especially my mother. I kept those rides our secret, because I truly loved him, but was also very scared of him. Then one day he just up and deserted our family, leaving us so poor we had to go on welfare. I’m not going to lie; my father did touch me a little, but I swear there was never any actual sex! His plan was to pimp me out to all his drug addict friends that usually paid for that skinny red-headed prostitute to get them off. He was going to offer them what he called “naked-play-time” with me at half the price of what she charged. So for $10 each they could do anything they wanted to me. His drug addiction kept gradually getting worse and on top of that he was a schizophrenic so trust me, he was really going to pimp me out to those men. Luckily he vanished before that ever happened. I only saw him one more time after he deserted our family. I was out with my guy-friends partying at the local park one night when I was 12, so it was 4 years later. He was there in his car, with two other men and they were all as high as a kite. At first I panicked and didn’t want him to see me, but then I convinced myself to go over and say hello. He immediately knew who I was and began hugging and kissing me saying “it’s my little Reena Farina”! Our happy father-daughter reunion quickly took a turn for the worst when he began trying to jam his tongue down my throat and demanded that I give blowjobs to him and the two other men! I ran away from him crying and angry. That was the very last time I saw him. My father finally died of a drug overdose in 1987.

Because of my father, at 8 years old, I began stripping naked and sucking these 3 little boy’s dicks that lived on our street. I used my mouth on them the way that skinny red-headed prostitute taught me to do on our rides. I told the boys it was a game called “naked-play-time”! Although they were too little to cum, they loved seeing me naked and loved getting their little dicks sucked on! Our naked-play-time went on for about a month and then one day after school this 14 year-old boy that lived on the next street was waiting for me in front of my house. Those littler boys obviously told him about me, so he asked me if I wanted to go over his house and teach him the “naked-play-time” game. Thanks to those rides with my father I happily went with him back to his house. His parents weren’t home, so he took me into his bedroom and we both got naked. He made me climb on top of him and we 69’d on his bed. With my butt in his face he began sticking his fingers in both my little holes while I used my mouth on him, giving his big hard hairy cock a sloppy tongue bath. It wasn’t long before his cock began squirting in my mouth and I got my very first batch of what my father told me was the bigger boys “magic-fluid”! My father drilled it into my head over-and-over that I had to swallow every last drop of the “magic-fluid” that “the men” were going to be shooting in my mouth, so I began doing this simple “suck-swallow-suck-swallow-suck-swallow” routine. At 8 years old I had no idea when I was supposed to stop, so after I swallowed his load I just kept on sucking it. Finally his cock became so sensitive he couldn’t take it anymore and with giant goose-bumps all over his body he moaned “stop-stop-no-more-no-more”! I knew right away that it was the most amazing thing he ever experienced in his life and he made me feel like I was the coolest kid in the world for doing it. Long story, short; between my fathers’ “sex machine” training and that older boy making me feel so cool, I became quite the little cock-sucker! I started offering myself up for naked-play-time to every older boy in a 3-block radius that would give me candy! I loved the attention the older boy’s were giving me, so I had no problem sucking them all off. I was letting them all cum in my mouth and was swallowing every load! The boy’s loved sticking their cocks in my mouth, while they shoved two fingers in my pussy and one in my ass. They used to call it “two in the pink and one in the stink”. I didn’t mind though, because I loved the thrill of making them moan and groan in ecstasy…I found that fun! So basically at 8 years old I was sucking-off this group of older neighborhood boy’s and swallowing their loads practically every day. I’m not going lie, it was fun giving the bigger boys head! I liked when they’d wrap their hands in my hair and pull on it in excitement as their bodies shook. That’s pretty much what I witnessed on those secret rides watching that skinny red-headed prostitute with my father and sometimes, my father and his friends. I continued giving the older boys blowjobs and had gotten quite the reputation.

I eventually lost my virginity at 10 years old to this 16 year old derelict that I had a huge crush on. I was so infatuated with him I couldn’t believe he was even interested in me. I had every intention of sucking his cock, but I didn’t plan on having my virginity forcefully taken! Unfortunately he was much bigger than I was, so once he got me alone he just held me down and fucked me. I wasn’t so concerned about the virginity thing...the main reason I didn’t want to fuck was because I knew that’s how girls got pregnant. Being a typical boy, he bragged to all his derelict friends about how he just held me down and busted my cherry, so the guys came after me full-force. Because of my father and our secret rides, I just ended up letting them pass me around. For the next 6 months, after losing my virginity, I was getting fucked constantly by 7 different older boys. By the time I was 12 years old all the high school seniors heard rumors about this hot little middle-school girl named “Reena” that was a sure thing! I eventually had this group of seniors that began rotating taking me out on dates and I let every one of them fuck me! Even when I had my period the guys still took me out because they knew they were going to get a cum-swallowing blowjob. As I said, after my father deserted us, we had to go on welfare, so there was never any food in the house and I never got any new clothes or gifts. The guys knew my situation and knew I'd would suck them and fuck them as long as they took me for a bite to eat or to a movie first. If they took me for food and a movie I’d let them fuck me in the ass and cum inside me! I had no problem taking it in the ass, since it seemed like a good birth-control option to me. I always kept a jar of Vaseline in my purse back in middle school, so guys could lube me up first. Between 8 and 12 years old…before I was even a teenager…I literally had sex with so many different guys I lost count! I had nice tits and a great ass for a 12 year old, but obviously, since I was old enough too great pregnant, I had to be very careful. The older high school guys I was having sex with refused to wear rubbers. They told me it was like “taking a shower with a rain coat on”, so I had to trust they’d pull out on time! That’s the main reason I preferred having oral and anal sex with them. This was 1975 and most women in the dirty magazines had a full bush. At 12 years old I had just started getting some pubic hair growing in, but this one group of 18 year old guys, who were sort of my favorite fuck-buddies, made me start shaving it off. They wanted it “baby smooth and hairless” for our dates! I spent many-many Saturday nights drunk and naked with them! I had no problem doing gang bangs with that particular group of guys. This might sound crazy, but they were honestly like my big brothers. They were always nice to me, always including me and always protecting me, so I willingly and happily did whatever they wanted. I had gotten so used to taking care of multiple cocks when I was out with them it was honestly no big deal to me. There were 4 guys in my favorite fuck-buddy group that would pick me up, but occasionally 2 or 3 of their other friends would be following behind us in another car and I’d willingly take care of them too!

One crazy Saturday night I got fucked by 14 guys, one after another! My favorite fuck-buddies picked me up early that afternoon and took me to a pool party where I got really drunk. The party was filled with mostly guys and they made sure I got really wasted! I was staggering around having fun when my fuck-buddies told me they were taking me for a ride. We pulled in to this abandon building’s parking lot and while I was doing my best just to stand up, they ripped my bikini off and tossed me in the back of some guy’s carpeted van. All of the sudden I saw more cars come flying behind the building. My head was spinning as 14 different guys took turns fucking the shit out of me, one after the other for close to 3 hours straight. When they were finished with me I was left naked and covered in cum in the back of that van with the doors wide open, so they could peek in on me. I was lying there with my eyes closed, trying not to puke, when I heard one of my favorite fuck buddies say “Reena, come on....you have to wake-up now and get your bathing suit back on....it’s almost 10”! I honestly don’t know how I snuck in my house without my mother seeing me, but thank God I did. I was totally drunk with massive amounts of dried cum all over my face, neck, tits, belly; I even had it caked in my hair! I looked like I just got hit by a train! Luckily I didn't wind up pregnant, because when I first stood up out of that van, my pussy made these disgusting noises and cum started running down my leg, so I know a few of the guys didn’t fully pull out. My whole body was sore for a solid week after that night. One Friday night, about a month later, my favorite fuck buddies picked me up and talked me into taking some sort of tranquillizer at the church carnival. The guys, as usual, also bought me a bottle of cheap strawberry wine, because I didn’t like beer! That was not a smart move on my part, because I was stumbling around incoherent pretty quickly. I was wearing this tiny tube top and these really short-shorts, so all night long the guys were grabbing at my tits, smacking my ass and making comments about how amazing my body was. After they paid for me to go on some rides and paid for me to play some games I was taking back behind that abandon building again. That’s when I was thrown face-down naked in the back of that same guys van and was fucked in the ass by the same 14 guys. The rule between them was that, to be fair to everyone, they had to pull out and shoot their loads all over back, so my asshole wasn’t disgusting for the guys going last. I soon knew why they forced me to pop that tranquillizer! They were really drunk, really rough and tore my little asshole apart! It hurt so bad I thought I was going to have to go to hospital. When they were finally done with me, I laid there motionless with my hand pressed against my asshole, because I had such sharp pains. I just kept crying “ouch my butt hurts, my butt hurts” over and over. Because I was so out of it, my slurring speech made it sound like “my butters, my butters”! My new nick-name after that night was “Butters”! My favorite fuck buddies tried to convince me butt was fine, but it was definitely bleeding and it felt like my asshole was some how turned inside out. I was so young and naive, I wasn’t even mad at them…especially after they chipped in to buy me a bracelet as a…”hey we’re sorry about that”!

I continued to let my 4 guy friends fuck me at least once a week for about six months. Then they began pushing their one big black friend on me. His name was Lance and he was this 240 pound monster that played on the high school football team. He loved me because this was 1975 and I was a tiny-young-white girl, with pretty much no supervision. All I had was a 10PM curfew, so as long as I was in by my curfew I could do whatever I wanted. The typical routine for my favorite fuck-buddies was to pick me up at the top of my street around 7 o’clock, take me somewhere and get me drunk. We’d get wasted first, than they’d rip my clothes off and take turns fucking the shit out of me for a couple of hours. Once all the guys got their rocks off, they’d drop me off back home, so I was in by my curfew. It was a total win-win situation for them. When I began going on dates with Lance, we kept the same routine. The only difference was he was big, black and his cock was humongous! It was literally so big that I was scared of it the first time he whipped it out! It was like a foot long and as thick as my forearm! I was only able to get about a quarter of it my mouth to suck without gagging. And the first time he shoved that thing in my pussy I honestly didn’t think I could take it all the way in! He fucked me so hard and so rough that first time, it felt like he was going to split me in half! At one point he almost knocked the wind out of me! I begged him to stop, screaming “NO-NO-NO…ITS TOO BIG…ITS TOO BIG”, but he just kept banging away! Because of our age difference and the whole black and white under-aged thing, we had to carefully sneak around, so I didn’t really know any of his black friends. Our usual dates were me waiting for him at the park after dinner, hoping in his car and going somewhere to get drunk and have sex. One Friday night, instead of our usual one-on-one fucking in his car, he took me to a house party in the projects and I was not prepared or expecting that. I’ll never forget walking into the party and having all the older black girls stare me like “who the fuck are you”! The place was packed and I was the only white person in the entire house. I ended up getting really drunk, really quickly and was clinging to Lance’s side. We were talking with some of his friends who were being nice, but pretty touchy-feely with me. Than, all of the sudden, Lance just picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and carried me to some bedroom. The 5 other big black guys that were being touchy-feely with me followed us into the bedroom as well. I was extremely drunk and I’m not going to lie; a little scared! Lance immediately started to strip me in front of his friends and I nervously let him. The music from the party was really loud, so once I was completely naked Lance said “dance naked for my boy’s baby girl”, which I nervously did. The guys went wild because not only did I have a great little body and a freshly shaved hairless little white pussy, but I was ironically dancing naked to James Brown’s “Sex Machine” which really sent them over the edge! They all just kept making comments like “Hell yah, we got us a little white sex machine tonight” and “that a girl...you dance for us baby....like a little white sex machine”! After a few minutes of me dancing, Lance laid me down on the bed and had me suck on his big black cock, while his friends watched. He kept talking nasty to me, basically to impress his friends, saying things about how I was this bad little white girl that loved to take black dick inside her. With his cock in my mouth I just kept moaning “MMHUM” to all his comments. As he climbed between my legs, he called over to one of his friends and said “stick your dick in her mouth, while I fuck her”!

While I sucked on his friend’s rock hard cock, Lance fucked me slowly, so the others could watch. Lance had a really big cock, I mean really big! It was like 12 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. He’d slowly push his huge black cock all the way inside me, balls deep, then slowly pull it all the way out. He repeated the process until he finally pulled his big black cock out of me one last time and came all over my belly. Once he came, his friend that I was sucking got between my legs and took his place. I made it clear to the guys that they couldn’t cum inside me and made them promise they would all pull out. As that second black guy began fucking me, another black guy came over and stuck his big fat cock in my mouth. As soon as the second guy fucking me pulled out and came all over me, the guy I was sucking took his place between my legs. When that third guy was on top of me, the remaining three came over and started squeezing and pulling on my nipples, while they rubbed their cocks in my face and took turns sticking them in my mouth. It wasn’t long before the third guy pulled out and shot a massive load all over my belly and tits. I was a mess, so Lance told me to rub all that “n*gg*r cum” into my “lily-white skin” like it was sun tan lotion. As I was sitting up rubbing their loads into my skin, the fourth guy got down on the bed and said “climb on top of me Reena”. Before I could even move one of the other big black guys just lifted me up over his head like I was a rag-doll and lowered me down on his friend. I was slowly pushed down and impaled on his very big black monster sized dick, while the other guy kept holding on to me from behind and pushing up against me. I was 5 feet tall and weighed like 90-lbs and the guy I was on top of was 6’5 and 250-lbs, so he began bouncing me up and down on his massive black cock like he was trying to split me in two. While I tried my best to ride the monster cock I was on top of without getting hurt, the other guy that was behind me began pushing his giant black cock against my asshole. Having two huge black cocks in me down there at once, was frightening to say the least! I begged Lance to make him stop, but he just reached into my purse, tossed his buddy my little jar of Vaseline and told him “grease that shit up first”! Then he said to me “you got this Reena…just relax baby girl, you’ve been fucked in the ass before”! I nervously said “yah, but not when I had a cock in my pussy”! Lance’s reply was “just relax and let both my boy’s shove their dicks up in you at the same time…you can do it baby”! The guy underneath me pulled me against his chest and buried his big black cock balls deep into pussy and held it there. The guy behind me was now forcing his gigantic Vaseline coated black cock in my ass. I was basically screaming “OOOO GOD NO-NO-NO OOOO GOD” because it felt like I was literally going to be killed by black cock!

As soon as I had both cocks buried all the way in me, the last guy stood up on the bed and just shoved his cock in my mouth. It was tough enough trying to take on three big black cocks at once, but I really began to panic when the door flew open and 5 more guys walked into the room and shouted “fuck yah, we’re getting us some little white girl pussy tonight”! As I was getting mauled by 3 black guys at once, I heard Lance reply “all you mother-fuckers can stick your dicks up in her too, just be cool alright”! The crowd began going wild cheering on the show, as the guy in my ass became relentless! He wouldn't pause and wouldn't go slow! He just rammed it in and out of me at full speed. The more I cried out, the faster and harder he went and the more the other guys cheered! My head was spinning praying for it to end and then I heard all three guys begin moaning at once! A few seconds later I felt the guy ass fucking me explode! As he was squirting his load up my ass, the guy who had his cock in my mouth grabbed my head tight and blasted a massive load down my throat and grunted “OOOOO YAH…SWALLOW THAT SHIT WHITE GIRL”! He literally squirted so much cum in my mouth I was gagging on it. That’s when I felt the guy fucking me start unloading in my pussy! I pulled my mouth off the cock I was sucking and screamed “NO-NO-NO-NO…YOU CAN’T CUM IN ME”, but it was too late! I begged Lance to make it stop because I thought for sure I was now pregnant, but he refused, so I was at their mercy. I stayed trapped in that bedroom for 2 more hours and ended up having sex with 12 of Lance’s big black friends! Some of them even fucked me more than once. I had loads shot in my mouth, loads shot in my ass and loads shot all over my belly. The scariest part was the guy that didn’t pull-out and came deep up inside my pussy. I finally looked at the clock and saw it was almost 10:30 so I told Lance “please I have to go”! I cleaned up quickly and we hoped in his car and sped off. The whole ride home I was practically crying thinking I was pregnant for sure and upset that he set me up like that without asking me or at least warning me! He just kept making it seem like it was no big deal, because I do stuff all the time like that with my favorite-fuck-buddies. As he pulled over at the top of my street he said "Hey…don’t you worry Reena, if you’re knocked-up I’ll get you the cash and take you for an abortion"! That scared the fuck out of me and I was literally sick to my stomach for two weeks straight…then I finally got my period. Once again, God was looking out for me because I honestly don’t know how I didn’t wind up pregnant! I mean that one guy pumped a gallon of cum in me and few of the other guys didn’t pull all the way out on time, so I honestly thought I was pregnant! Looking back now, if I was ever pregnant at 12 years old with a black baby in 1975 after being interracially gangbanged, my sweet little Italian grandparents would have literally dropped dead!

After that crazy gang-fuck night with Lance, I was done with him! I even pulled back from my favorite fuck-buddies and started spending more time with my new best friend Cathy. Trust me I had more fun corrupting her. Cathy had a neighbor that was a college freshman and home for the summer. She always had a huge crush on him, so one day when he was outside washing his car I began flirting with him making her laugh. He finally asked us to help him clean his car, so we did. We had fun joking around and flirting with him, but since I was more sexual than Cathy, I started pushing it. I kept asking him if he liked us and started saying that if he said yes, we’d both give him a blowjob. He jumped at that offer and immediately took us into his bedroom. He pulled down his pants and asked which one of us wanted to suck on him first, so Cathy got on her knees and started blowing him. She had never sucked a dick before, so he told me to get down too and show her how to do it. We both began to suck and lick him together, while I coached her. I knew she always dreamed about him being the one to take her virginity, so I made it happen. I found it exciting because I was like her teacher. She took all her clothes off and spread her legs open on his bed. As soon as he stuck his cock in her, she gasped and I laughed “your dream just came true”! He pumped in and out of her for a few minutes and then he pulled me down on the bed too. While I was lying next to Cathy he began to lick my pussy, which I really enjoyed! Then he slowly pushed his cock all the way into me and began pumping in and out, while Cathy watched. After he fucked me for a bit, I said “hey I know…how about you fuck Cathy until you’re ready to cum, then you can shoot it in my mouth and I’ll swallow it”! He was all over that idea, so he fucked Cathy for another minute or two, than he pulled his cock out of her pussy, stuck it right in my mouth and unloaded! He moaned with so much pleasure it was funny to me! I did my normal “suck-swallow-suck-swallow-suck-swallow” routine until his balls were completely empty! When it was over Cathy was in Heaven, so I took her back to do it again the very next day! This time he fucked me until he was ready to cum and then came in Cathy’s mouth, so she got to swallow her very first load. She couldn’t thank me enough for helping her make her dream come true and showing her to properly have sex with her long-time crush.

One day, after we both sucked and fucked him for a bit, he told me to roll over and prop my ass up, so I did. He told Cathy to suck his dick and get lots of spit on it. As she was doing that he said “hey Reena, I heard you take it in the ass…is that true”? I nodded my head yes and said “MHUM…you can fuck me in the ass if you want, I’ve got some Vaseline in my purse”. After Cathy coated his cock with Vaseline, he fucked me in the butt, while she kissed him. It wasn’t long before he came deep inside my ass and collapsed on top of me. Once I let him butt-fuck me that was how he liked to end every one of our sex sessions. Cathy may have been infatuated with him since she was 6 years old, but she made it very clear that she was NOT doing anal! She said “ewe…that butt-sex thing is all you Reena, I’m out”! His favorite thing was having Cathy on her back with me face-down on top of her, so he could fuck me in the ass, while he sucked her tits. Cathy did have some pretty big tits for a 12 year old! One summer afternoon when it was pouring rain, he called me at home and asked me to come over. I was at his house having one-on-one sex with him and told him how much Cathy liked him. I told me it would mean a lot to her if he had sex, one-on-one, with just her sometimes. He smiled and said “you’re a good friend to her Reena”! As soon as he said that, one of his friends came walking thru the door. He held me down and wouldn't let me move, thinking I was going to freak out. I was incredibly calm, especially because his friend was really cute and said to him “this is her....damn she’s a little cutie”. After he was done finger fucking me and lubing up my asshole with Vaseline, he told his friend to “hop on”. While that friend was on top of me banging away 2 more guys came in! As those 2 guys were getting undressed 3 more came strolling in. Cathy’s neighbor looked over at me with a big smile, winked and said “hey Reena…I’m a good friend too”! I knew what he meant and just gave him a big smile. Cathy’s neighbor had me roll over and prop my butt up in the air. He then told his friends “just so you know, you can’t cum in Reena’s pussy, but she takes it in the ass and she swallows, so have fun”! He then walked out the front door leaving me naked in his house alone with his 5 friends. One of his friends grabbed me, rolled me back over, so I was in the missionary position and fucked me in the ass. I had never taken it like that before and I kind of liked it. After he came in my butt I told the next guy he could fuck me in my pussy as long as he promised to pull-out. My suggestion was “how about you fuck me and when you’re ready to cum, shoot in my mouth and I’ll swallow it”. It was funny, because Cathy’s neighbor soon came back with Cathy in tow! He smiled at me, while he was hugging her and said "while Reena entertains my friends, why don’t you and I go to my room for some one-on-one alone time”! Cathy stood there in shock watching me with all his friends. I looked up at her smiling, because I was actually enjoying the attention of having so many older college guys wanting to have sex with me. I felt super sexy….LOL...like a little sex machine!

The look in Cathy’s eyes was priceless! Her neighbor than took her to his bedroom and I could hear them fucking. She came out in his arms, with this super happy look on her face, as the last of the guys was finishing with me. She was shaking her head laughing and said "Oh my God, you’re such a fucking slut"! Cathy who was my best friend told other girls at school about my gangbang, trying to impress them and said it's was like 20 hot college guys! There were actually only 5, but whatever! Most girls hated me anyway and called me a slut, but I didn’t care because Cathy was my best friend, so it was fine! Besides, all the boys in my middle school wanted to fuck me, so they were always super nice to me! Once I got a little older and started high school, I stopped a lot of the craziness and pretty much had steady boyfriends. Trust me; none of my boyfriends ever had any sexual complaints! Many of them didn’t last long, but I was monogamous with whoever I was dating at the time. I ended up going to college in Long Beach California my first year and all I dated was black guys. I fucked probably a dozen different black guys my first year of college, then headed back to the east coast for the remaining three years. During those three years I had sex with a dozen or so different white guys, with one of them being my steady boyfriend for almost two years. I used to hang out with him and his 5 friends all the time. They would constantly tell him hot I was and how lucky he was to have me as a girlfriend. There were many nights we’d be drunk in his dorm room and they’d see me naked and make comments, but he loved every minute of it. I was honest and told him all about my past, so he knew I had done pretty much everything including gang-bangs, but he said that didn't matter to him. Then, right before we graduated, we all got drunk at a bathroom party and he kept begging me “come on Reena…let me and my friend’s pull-a-train on you! Please! I really want this....sort of a college farewell for us! Come on, you've done shit like this before! Please”! I reluctantly caved in and said “fine, if that’s really what you want”. The guys had a blast and my boyfriend of two-years was all happy giving them high-five’s! He watched with such excitement as his friends took turns fucking me and sucking my tits and getting blowjobs. The next day, when he sobered up, he was all upset and began blaming me. We had planned on getting married right after college, now he was saying he could never marry me after I let all of his friend’s gang fuck me. I started crying and couldn’t believe he was saying that to me. Especially because he literally begged me to do it! School was done a few days later, so I ended up getting my own apartment near him after we graduated, hoping we could make it work. We were on-again-off-again for a few months, than one night after he fucked me in the ass in the backseat of his car he said “I’m sorry, I can’t marry you...you’re just too much of a fucking whore for me”! I was devastated and began crying. I said with tears pouring out of my eyes "I hope you enjoyed it because you will NEVER touch me again", I made him take me home.

Over the next month I did my best to get over him and had some meaningless one-night stands with a bunch of different guys, but I was soon bored with that. I honestly was just praying for that one “special guy” to come into my life. Then, one Saturday night, this girl I was friends with begged me to go to some sports bar with her. I didn’t want to go, but she picked me up and made me go with her for one drink. That was the night my husband walked into the bar. My girlfriend saw my face light up and said “oh I know him” and she introduced us. As we began talking I was thinking to myself “if this guy is the one, please God send me a sign”! At that moment what starts playing on the jukebox? I kid you not….James Brown’s “Sex Machine”! He looked at me, smiled and said “Sex Machine...jeez, when was the last time you heard this song”! There was instant magic between us and before I knew it, I had happily, but unknowingly guzzled down 7 Long Island Iced Teas!

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