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My big brother loved to humiliate me and used his size and strength to control me . He was always calling me a sissy or little girl among other names to make me feel weaker then his size over me to make me do what ever he wanted me to do. By the time I was six years old he made me feel like a helpless little girl that obeyed his every order because if I didnt he would punish me . One night he woke me up and explained how girls sucked guys cocks telling me that I was a girl so I had to suck his cock . He explained how sissies sucked cock saying I was going to suck his I tried to refuse to do it and he beat me up .He didnt stop until I was crying and begging him to stop admitting that I wanted to suck his cock more than anything . He slapped me around until I begged him to let me do it .From that night on when ever he told me he wanted his cock sucked I would drop to my knees and tell him how bad I wanted to suck him off and when he told me I had his permission I would pull his cock out ,Take it in my mouth and suck on it until he told me I could stop sucking . He enjoyed seeing the look of fear on my face as I sucked on his hard cock knowing that someone might see me doing it .He made me believe that if someone caught me sucking his cock that all he had to do was say that I begged to do it and everyone would laugh and tease me and say that I was gay,,not him . I was forced to suck my big brothers cock several times a day and I learned fast how to do it fast and as good as I could . I sucked not only my brothers cock but several of his friends as well always swallowing every drop of their hott cum like a good little bitch . When he taught me to suck cock I didnt know it was wrong and I loved doing it . It doesnt bother me that I have sucked so many cocks,,what bothers me is how I love doing it so much .