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When I was in high school I liked to put on make up and dance naked in our basement for my friends. After school sometimes two of my friends would come over to play and we would wind up masturbating. So one time I had an idea -I put on some of my Mom's lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara and then turned down the lights, lit some candles and put on some loud banger music and just started dancing naked in front of my two friends. I was gyrating and grinding on and around a column like at a strip club. Eventually they both opened their pants and started stroking themselves so I started too while doing just crazy moves all over the floor. I shot my load first onto the floor and slipped on it and then sat in it and rolled around on it while they took turns shooting their loads onto my body lying on the floor.

The next couple of times we did it I ended my performance by kneeling in front of each of them and sucked their cocks until both came into my mouth! It was really cool, we did this a few times until Mom noticed her make up was missing. I liked painting my face like a whore and dancing naked in front of other boys and swallowing their cum.