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I lived in the country side I am 16 years old and my family owns a farm we have a lot of cows,sheep,chickens, a lot of farm animals. My favorite one is my horse Jack I would take him out strolling around the farm we have amazing fun times, I lived close to the woodland areas and take him there once we were far away enough we was catching our breath and I notice him seeing his huge cock out it was huge probably bigger than a human mans cock, now I heard about people having sexual interests with their animals and I never understood why. Curiosity got the best of me so I went to him and petting him slowly down to his cock and begin stroking he seemed to like it so I decided why the heck not so I kneeled down and began sucking him I was enjoying it I sucked him hard and good I felt him twitch a bit and stopped now I was really horny so I took off my clothes this part of the woods is our property anyway so I was safe I then led him to a boulder so I can get on and bend down since I am petite I then let him sniff me and inserted his dick in me i was then having second thoughts since it was too big and long I was feeling pain but I pushed it in further and begin jumping back and forth I was a moaning mess I felt him moving himself I couldn’t believe I am fucking my horse it felt so good I felt myself wanting to climax and I did my pussy was dripping and so was his cock but I helped him as I drank him. Ever since I could ever get alone time I would go to my stallion and do the same thing all over again.