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I'm 62 now. A single father close to retiring. My sex life in my 20's was GREAT. One girl in particular I can never forget. I was 24 and visiting a cousin's high school when he introduced me to a Hwaiian-American girl who was a high school freshman and absolutely model-quality gorgeous. My younger cousin - a senior at that school - told me later that the girl thought I was really hot. We hung out the next Saturday. My cousin was driving and I was in the backseat with the girl. We talked, laughed, got a bit acquainted. I slowly leaned over and kissed her. A long, sexy tongue kiss. This young girl was so pretty with long copper hair. Our tongues wrestled for a long time. Eventually, I reached to her breast - not only was she beautiful she had HUGE tits. For about 45 minutes I don't think our tongues stopped and my hands were all over her wonderful tits; squeezing them softly; squeezing them a little harder; squeezing her nipples rock hard. That was it for that night.

A little while later my cousin called and said he was going to visit his girlfriend - the older sister of the hot, gorgeous teen I had been with. Her older sister had a face just as sexy, beautiful, and so with that...I would love to fuck you too look. I went with him. The parents weren't home. My and my girl ended up making out oh a bed. Tongues slowly tasting each other. My hands all over her this time including between her verify muscular legs (she was a competitive athlete at the time). After getting her tight teenage pussy until she was sopping wet and moaning into my mouth as we kissed she stopped; straddled me; undid my pants and began to suck my dick so sweetly. No hands. I watched her beautiful 15 year old face - her eyes were closed and her lips wee squeezing my dick. I eventually showed her how to use her hands to squeeze my dick as she stroked it up and down following her sweet mouth that never left my hard, aching dick. Within 2-3 minutes of learning to use her hands while sucking me I came. I came so fucking good. Into a gorgeous, sexy 15 year old mouth that kept sucking my dick and swallowed my cum. I was amazed! I asked her if she always did that - no she said it was the first time. Our sex life progressed into intercourse when she asked me to make love to her. So quickly she was calling my name over and over as she came hard several times . Sometimes I came inside her. Most times I'd ask her to suck my dick and within 2-3 minutes every, single time she'd make me cum and she would swallow everything and love it. She was the perfect sex partner. She wanted to eat another girl's pussy so bad. She wanted to watch me fuck another girl. One time - after she actually moved in with me (she turned 16 and got emancipated) I left the house for a bit. When I came back she said I missed it!! My sister was here and we were talking when all the sudden she (her sister) said...okay...eat me out. Which she did. And made her sister cum. And her sister did her. Imaging two fucking gorgeous sisters 16 and 17 years old on my bed eating each other's pussy.. I even fucked her ass once. Well, like I said, my 20s were GREAT sexually. So great I dumped her eventually.

To this day, she is the ONLY female that could suck my dick and make me cum so FAST and so good. I often asked her to suck me while I was driving.

I actually looked her up on social media. She's in another state. Has gained the "mother" weights but her face is still gorgeous. I sometimes think about sending he a message and asking if she'd like me to visit and we could go somewhere and fuck and suck and eat each other's brains out for one last time.

I've had MANY gorgeous and sexually experienced women; prostitutes at brothels; a friend who was a prostitute; a friend who I could come over and fuck anytime. By the time I was 24 I estimated around 100 girls I had had sex with.

But that girl; her tits; her sucking me and swallowing...she was a once in a lifetime lover.