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I was in bed one morning and I was watching an old black and white film, can’t remember the title, there was no nudity or sex, but it struck a chord with me. I drifted off to sleep and I had the strangest dream as I woke in a sweat and almost sobbing.

I can vividly remember the dream as I am having almost nightly, I was married to someone but it was not my husband, I remember I was waiting at the front door of our terraced 2 up 2 down home, it was a dark place. I was dressed in the style that would have been the fashion during the 1940’s. Now in reality I am a young married wife and have always been pretty fashionable and have never dabbled with vintage clothing / lingerie and have never worn stockings/ suspenders, in my dream I amwaiting patiently for my husband at the door, when he arrived it was a complete stranger, although I acted as I knew him? I had dinner prepared and we ate, all the time he was running his hand up and down my legs feeling for my stocking tops. I remember trying to stop him, however he didn’t stop.

After dinner we cleared up and he just told me to strip, which as a dutiful housewife I did, off came my dress and slip, so I was standing in my camisole, french style knickers, suspender belt and nylon stockings, I remember feeling vulnerable, however I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I must admit I did look like the leading lady in my movie, my husband eagerly assisted to remove the rest of my clothing until I was nude.

He made me suck his cock until he was big and hard and all the time he was trying to fondle my large free swinging breasts.

He told me to lie on the floor and he stripped and got on top of me and started to make love to me me, I closed my eyes as if some sub conscious thought told me this was wrong and it was not my husband and I didn’t want to look into his eyes when he or I climaxed. I can’t remember anymore, as I must have woken up before either of us climaxed in my dream? this is now a consistent dream of mine?