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The easy availability of porn now is a wonderful thing because it has allowed the natural sexuality of youth to be released and expressed. 12 year old sluts sending pictures of their cunts to their boyfriends is joyous. Young boys jacking their rock hard fuck prongs and videoing themselves blowing jizz doesn't harm anyone. Where's the damage?

I was walking past a group of girls about 11 in a park a few years ago. They saw me and started talking loudly about how guys always think about sex. They were watching me to see if I reacted. I didn't dare of course, so they started talking more explicitly - saying shit like "I wonder if he's had his cock sucked today?" then giggling with each other. One of them was wearing really tiny shorts and had one of those 'already fully hot' pre-teen bodies. I found this really wonderful to hear girls that age totally destroying all the bullshit we get from man-hating feminists about the horrors of sexualized children etc. These little sluts were already fuck hot and were celebrating it. They were completely safe, had fun trying to embarrass me and when I got home I lubed up my boner and blew several loads thinking about them. Harmless.

Old women in the media that have spent their lives trying to criminalize men only make themselves even less attractive by continuing to push for ever more draconian laws against us. What they never realize is how much sexier they can become by siding with us. One of the hottest women I've ever met was an OK looking 33 year old who had a thing for boys around 16. She told me she feels sorry for the way guys get hammered for being attracted to teen babes yet woman can get away with fucking teen boys with very little if any penalty. She even sent me some candid pictures she'd taken of schoolgirls about 14 in super short uniforms at a school near her mainly to show how ridiculously short they were but she knew I'd love them. She also regularly emailed me porno pictures for a laugh. Girls like her understand men and get more respect then any feminist.

Finally, the more they try to suppress sexual urges, the stronger they become. They will never be able to stop the sheer hotness of slutty fuck-pot underage whores. All power to those cock-socket 14 year old cum buckets!