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I told my wife about my cross dressing when we first started dating and she didnt understand why men like to dress and act like females .She had a lot of questions and we discussed the subject in depth. At first she let me dress up every now and then but wouldnt pick out my clothes or do my hair or makeup . after awhile she told me she didnt want me dressing up around her at all . When I did dress up she would get upset and not talk to me for the day . One day we were going through some boxes of clothes in her closet and in one was a satin lace french maids outfit. She pulled it out and suprized me saying it would look cute on me and handed it to me when I said I wanted to try it on . It fit perfectly and I just had to show her .I figured she would get mad but when I came out of th bathroom with it on she laughed and teased me ,saying id make a cute sissy maid . I couldnt pass up the chance so I told her that if she would let me wear it I would do all the house work .I could see that she didnt want to see me dressed up so I told her it would be worth it not having to do any of the housework. She thought about it for a minute and told me that if I wanted to be her sissy maid then she would let me dress like one. I can dress totally feminine and wear my french maids outfit any time I want to ,my wife actually loves having her own sissy maid to order around