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Here's the story of my first two rapes.

First was my girlfriends sister a year ago. Three years old, big ass for a toddler, very hot. I went to a sleepover at this gfs house and when everybody was asleep went into the room, gagged and fucked her. This was all night long. I shoved my cock in her mouth, in her tight pussy. She cried so much and I took some lovely pictures. Then I went back to the bedroom and got in bed. She was still asleep. That morning I fucked her too. She probably got her sisters pussy juices inside of her :),

The second was a blond 13 year old. She lives near my house and goes to school near my house so it was easy to find out her route home. I found out there was an alleyway and one afternoon I followed her home, took her down that alley, threatened her with a knife and fucked her. I've got it all on video too. I blackmailed her with the video and some photos I took, as well as saying i'd kill her and rape her body if she didn't let me fuck again. She comes round now basically every day or else. Thinking about carving some things onto her skin (used goods, slut, worthless etc.) but I don't want to get caught and miss out on her fat ass.