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My mother started dressing me up in girls clothes when I was very young and I loved the feeling of being totally feminized and I let her do it to me any time she wanted.which became all the time when I got older . Dad ran off when I was just a baby and mom didnt date very much so it was just me and her and I loved dressing and being treated like her daughter . If she met a man she would tell him all about me and how I dressed and acted like her little girl and depending on their reaction depended on how long they stayed in our life .One day she met bill ,he was a big strong man that was very dominant and she fell in love with him . When she told Bill about her 13 year old son who dressed totally feminine all the time he told her that he didnt care and wanted to meet her little girl and mother was thrilled and brought him home and introduced me to him .He was nice to me and mom was so happy that she had met him and she became totally submissive and did anything he told her to do to prove her love to him . After about a year Bill began to dominate me also ,just little things and mother had become so submissive that she didnt say anything to him so he continued becomming more and more dominant towards us both and soon he had both of us obeying every order he gave us .He began treating mother like his sex slave all the time even in front of me , she tried to get out of doing the things that he wanted but if she didnt obey him immediatly he would punish her then force her to obey him.He loved to make me sit next to him and he would order mother to suck his cock and when she tried to talk him out of it he would spank her till she begged him to let her suck him off . He made me sit there and watch him doing all sorts of kinky things to her and when he noticed one day that it made my tiny little dick hard he made me jack off. When I came I always had to catch it in my hand then lick my hand clean .He asked me if I liked the taste of cum I admitted that I loved the taste so he made me lick his cum off my mother . He had total control of both of us that we would do what ever he said out of fear of the punishment we would recieve if we refused or just didnt act fast enough . He loved the look of horror on moms face when he fucked her good and hard then ordered me to lick her pussy till id cleaned every drop of his cum out of her. When he ordered me to suck his cock mother begged him not to make me do it saying she would do anything he said if I didnt have to suck him off.He tied her up so she couldnt try to stop him from using me sexually and told me that if I didnt obey he would take it out on mother so I obediantly got between his legs and took his cock in my mouth and sucked on it untill he had cum in my mouth and I made his cock hard again . I was 15 when he turned me into his sex slave and he made me suck his cock so much that in no time I had learned to suck him off as good as any real girl . He began inviting other men over to use mom sexually to keep her busy so he had more time to spend training me .He had mother take me out of school saying he was going to home school me and had me dressing and acting totally feminine full time before I turned 16 . He was really home schooling me ,not in regular school subjects though,He was training me to be a slutty little sissy and he used me as his fuck toy full time and made mother watch now ,she was no longer allowed to have sex with either of us now,just watch when she wasnt busy being used by his friends as a sex slave, Master invited groups of black men over to gang bang mother ,they broke her fast and turned her into a cock craving whore that would do anything for their big black cocks .She was so addicted that she couldnt even stop letting them fuck her when he raped my ass right next to her . Mom now works as a prostitute for Master to pay the rent ,all the bills and make Master a bunch of money every month so Master can spend all the time he wants training me to be the best sissy cock whore possible . I have met Masters new slave ,he has told me that when he is ready he will move his new sissy slave in and will put me to work on the same corner as mother. Master asked me if I am ready to become a prostitute and I know that I dont have a choice so I told him that I cant wait