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My wife didnt care that I was a sissy cross dresser.She told me that I could dress and act as feminine as I wanted if it made me happy .She even started dressing me up and began to dominate me and forced me to be totally feminized for days at a time . When I got laid off from work due to the corona virus she told me not to worry because she made enough to support us both for awhile and she feminized me 24/7 and we had so much fun with me as her sissy slave /maid .I never noticed when her additude changed but slowly she became unhappy with having a sissy for a husband and started seeing other men,,REAL MEN . Our sex life dropped off when she locked me in a chastity device ,I couldnt have sex like a real man with her but thought she was happy with how I pleased her orally. One day she told me she liked having me as her sissy maid/slave but was tired of not being sexually satisfied any more.She told me she had been seeing a real man who was able to give her what she needed sexually and then some .I was dressed in my tight little PVC french maids outfit when I answered the door when her new boyfriend Bob came over. They teased me and made me feel so humiliated then my wife told me that she wanted a divorce ,after signing the papers I could pack my clothes because that was all she was letting me have and leave for good or I could pack up all my male belongings and put it all out for the trash men to take and live as their feminized sissy slave forever. I am living with my exwife and her boyfriend as their sissy slave .I am totally feminized at all times and serve as their sissy maid when I am not being used by the many men they invite over to use me as their sex slave .