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I've been breeding boxers for a living, and I've been having some the greatest sex of my life with my boxers. I know there's people out here who think it's disgusting fucking another animal, but I'll tell ya right now, don't knock it until you try it. It's really warm, hot even, much hotter than human pussy. And it's always tight and wet. The tightness is like a 11 year old virgin, no shit. But even then I think it's a toss up, and I'd actually probably choose the bitch pussy. Trust me, when a bitch is in heat she has the hottest, tightest, wettest, love hole you could ever have the pleasure of fucking. Even if you fuck the same bitch daily, she always have a nice pussy, even after she’s given birth several times. My sexual satiation has never been this high before. I’m not even seeing women at the moment (I’m 29). I mean, it’s like why would I want a gal my age when I can have pussy as good as 12 year old pussy?Anyways, what I really like doing is drugging them with ketamine, and knocking them out for several hours. Why? Well first off the dog can squirm around a lot, especially if you have a respectable size penis. Any sort of "above average" gerth will be painful for them, at least at first. Drugging her eliminates this problem. And secondly, there's just something insanely hot about having sex with unconscious pussy. Whether that be human or animal, doesn't matter. Just the fact that you're turning a living creature into a flesh doll, and their pussy is now an inanimate object you can have your way with is deeply arousing on so many levels. I love the erotically hot teasing I can do too. For example, I have this 8 year old female right now, probably my last breeding cycle with her. She’s getting kind of old. But when I hit her with the ketamine injection, in like 6-7 minutes she’s completely limp. Usually for about 2-3 hours too.

I prop her up on this wooden sawhorse of mine, and her limbs just kind of dangle freely, but her pussy is about level with my dick. I always like to tease myself, by slapping my hard cock on her pussy lips. But after a little bit, enough is enough. I thrust my 7 inch cock into her pussy and OMG it’s. Usually after 8 or 9 pumps I’m blowing my load. Her pussy is so tight that when I pull it out you can hear this pop sound when I take it out. Very sexy, and her little cunt is usually just dripping with my cum. Trust me, you’ll always blow your load prematurely on the first go around, probably even the second too. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about really, especially when you understand that animal pussy is designed to give the maximum amount of stimulation possible, in order to make the males cum quickly increasing the chances of reproduction. It’s why animal sex is always quick sex mostly. The tightness and heat is simply just too much to handle. You’ll have a toe curling, eyerolling orgasm and your balls will be emptied. You don’t tame dog pussy, dog pussy tames you. After I get that first load off, I go for seconds maybe 20-30 minutes later, or just long enough that I can recover from my first load. When I fuck her the second time I normally last much longer. By much longer, I mean usually 2-3 minutes lol. Their little pink hot pussies are like heroin to my dick. And the fact these bitches are in dreamland, completely oblivious to the fact I’m having the time of my life with their slippery cunts makes all the more better.