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i'm the oldest of 3 children and 1 of my 2 sisters was born just before i was 18 months old, the 2 nd, when i was in my early teens. here's my upbringing, i've always been sexually aroused by pregnancy, at 8my teacher got pregnant and i remember being sexually aroused to her belly, especially if she'd had on seethrough dresses, and 1 year after that, my buddy's mom was pregnant and i was sexually aroused to her belly too. they'd been first times i was sexually aroused by pregnant women and over the years i remember being sexually aroused, especially by sexy pregnant women I passed by. fast forward to age 13, when i started looking up pregnant women on google. i was feeling sexually pleasured, and searched for pregnant women in their underwear, when i got turned on by their big panties, i loved it. i have 1 big fetish in my pregnancy fetish - slim pregnant blonds in big panties stretched over their bellies. growing up, my mother was sexy slim and was 36 -37 through her last pregnancy, so she fit right into my subfetish. when she'd begun to show i started feelng sexier and sexier for her, and i even watched her in her bikini bra and found her over the belly pregnancy short shorts absolutely so sexy. when she sat on the couch, i got to feel her belly feeling my sister move. i got so horny that I left the room and went into the bathroom to have a wank to it in my tight little boxer briefs. i knew she was nice looking in her pregnancy at the time, now even after 18 and a half years, i still love my pregnancy underwear fetish.