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I was in my sisters room partying with her and her boyfriend. When I got the chance I slipped over to the window and unlocked it and then told them I had to do my laundry and went to my room ,I knew I didnt have to wait long for them to leave and when they finally did I went outside around to my sisters bedroom window,slid it open and climbed inside.I knew Kellys boyfriend kept his dope in the safe but he was always giving some to my sister and I knew her hiding spots.Struck out on the first one but got lucky on the second and found a teener .I climbed back out the window and closed it all the way and went back in the house to my room .I was so excited as I loaded my pipe and took a hit and smiled,,this was some really good shit.I smoked away for awhile and got pretty fucked up and heard my sister and her boyfriend return.After about ten minutes my sister came barging in and asked me if id broke into her room.I couldnt act offended because I did it all the time to steal dope but I gave her my most innocent look and told her that I hadnt . She just looked at me for a second then left and I thought I had gotten away with it. About ten minutes later I got a text saying I needed to come to my sisters room then immediatly I recieved another text,,it was a video of me crawling through the window and stealing the dope.SHIT,,busted.I got up and went to her room taking what was left of the dope with me.I figured I would apologize ,give her what was left and pay him back in a day or two.When I tried to hand the bag to Bill he laughed and told me that he didnt want it bock,,it was mine now but he wanted the money I owed for it NOW. I told him that I didnt have it but promised that I would have it for him by the end of the weekend. My sister told me that wouldnt work this time,they were tired of me stealing dope from him all the time so it was time to punish me and make me get the money tonight.I repeated that I didnt have any money and Bill told me that is where punishing me was going to get him his money tonight. My sister was pulling clothes out of her dresser and closet and in a minute laid a pile of clothes on her bed telling me to put on the outfit she chose and I would make what I owed her boyfriend in no time. She could see that I didnt understand so she told me that my punishment for breaking into her room AND stealing her mens dope I was going to put on the outfit,,do my hair and makeup then go downtown and whore my sissy ass out to get his money.I looked at her and said she was crazy,that I wasnt going to whore myself out for his money. I barely finished saying that and Bill slapped my face as hard as he could three times. I was about to cry and he told me that I would do what I was told and get dressed and go suck some cock and take some up my sissy ass and bring him his money before daylight .He told me that if I didnt then he would beat me worse and then he would pimp my ass out for the rest of the weekend,day and night time . He slapped me again and asked me if I understood and I answered Yes SIR. I grabbed the clothes and got changed,did my hair and makeup and was about to take off walking downtown when my sister told me they would give me a ride.They dropped me odd on a street corner ,,I was wearing a short tight little shiny black PVC mini dkirt,,shiny pink PVC pantird and matching bra,Thi high stockings,a shear black top,and a pair of hot pink hi heels.With my hair and makeup done the way id done it and how I was dressed there was no mistaking me for a prostitute. I stood there on the corner for about ten minutes then headed down the street towards the porn stores.I figured if I didnt get lucky before I got to the porn stores then I could make some money in the booths, I was worried though,,it was almost four AM and it was dead out here.If I didnt have Bills cash before daylight he would make me stay out tomorrow morning and keep working until I could pay him . I knew that I can walk all over the place during the day and I wont make any money . If I didnt make what I owe him before the sun comes up I will have to walk around and by the way I was dressed it will be obvious that I am a prostitute