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My sister woke me up when Mom left for work Saturday morning and like every Saturday she told me to take a shower then meet her in her bedroom . I hurried and took my shower ,toweled off then walked naked to Kims room. At 16 she was so sexy looking and had the berfect body that every boy I knew was willing to do anything to have the chance to fuck .You think that our father would have started messing with her already and was fucking her every chance he got but he had made a deal with Kim,,he would leave her alone if she would feminize me ,teach me how to dress and act as well as do my hair and makeup and she agreed to do it.She knew that she was making me look pretty and girly for Daddy ,,She knew what she did with boys from school and knew that daddy was treating me just like those boys were treating her but she didnt care. As a matter of fact she began teasing me while she was transforming me into Daddies little fuck toy ,,She would giggle and ask me if I liked sucking Daddies big hard cock.Saying she knew that I couldnt wait to get dressed up so I could be Daddies little slut and suck his big hard cock and be fucked in my sissy cunt making Daddy cum so hard . When Daddy first began molesting me I hated it and him so much ,When he fucked my ass it hurt so badly but after a few times I began to get used to it,sister gave me tips on what to say and do to make Daddies cock rock hard .She knows how to turn boys on and what to do to make them cum harder than they ever have and she passed that knowledge on to me so I can use it to please Daddy. During the week he comes to me and makes me suck his cock till he fills my mouth with his cum and I obediantly swallow every drop then thank him for giving me suck a yummy treat. Mom is usually home or if she is gone she will be back shortly so I only have time to suck Daddies cock,,BUT,,on the weekends Mother goes to work early and works toll about 5 unlrss it is busy then she works late at the resturant .That is when sister dresses me up in skirts or dresses,panties and bras and does my hair and makeup turning me into a pretty little girl for Daddy to play with the entire day. When she is done with me I go straight to mom and Daddies room and I become his little bitch,,his little sissy slave and he used me any way he wants in any room of the house.Sometimes sister leaves but usually she stays home and in her room only when she wants to be alone .She does her chores ,watches TV and everything else a girl does at home on a weekend and acts like what Daddy does to me is normal ,,it doesnt even bother her if she is sitting on the couch watching TV and Daddy sits down next to her and makes me suck his cock.She actually likes seeing me dressed up like a girl and be molested by our father. My sister knows that she is safe because Daddy only wants me so when she gets turned on by what we are doing she will take her panties off and play with her self.Watching my sister take all her clothes off then play with herself is always fun to watch and helps take my mind off daddy fucking my little sissy ass. She will get undressed and get right next to me and Daddy and play with herself knowing I get excited and cant stop watching her. My sister has got naked and done everything she can to get Daddy to fuck her but he wont,He watches her when she plays with her self ,it turns him on I can tell because he gets more aggressive with me but he hasnt ever touched my sister. It upset her at first but she says that I am Daddies little whore and she understands that he only likes sissies so she makes me sook as slutty for him as she can so Daddy has as much fun with me as he can . I really love it when I get to dress up in all those pretty girls clothes and am starting to have fun with Daddy and it feels good to suck his cock and be fucked in my sissy cunt now and I cant wait till it is time to be his little bitch