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My wife's sister and her husband went on a cruise for some weeks and my wife and I took their Daughter to live with us. she was in holidays so there was no problem with school.

It happened the second or third nightwhen she came to our bedroom. My wife and I have just been in 69 and our niece had chosen a bad moment to come to our room. she stood in the doorway and stared at our bodies. She was no baby anymore with her 11 years and I thought, she must have a clou about what we did. I was right. my wife separated from me and went, as naked as she was, over to her and put her arm around her. She seemed a bit confused, what maybe was due to the nightmare she had.

my wife took her over to our bed and the girl stared at my still half hard cock. my wife wanted to put a blanket over me, but the girl said, she wanted to see. My wife talked to her and I let her. I just layed there and took the book, I have on my nightstand. After an while I started to listen them talking and in was surprized that my wife talked with her about what we had done, when she came in. Our niece seemed very interested.

My wife came to me and took my book from me. Her hand was on my cock and it already grew. I was irritated because our niece still was in the room with us, but my wife told mit that it's ok. then she came over me, like we had done when our niece came in and she took my cock back in her mouth. Our niece sat at the foot end of our bed and had the best look on what her aunt was doing to me.

I concentrated on my wife's clit and licked her and she became more and more restless. she later told me that it has been such a turn on for her, having her young niece watching her suck on my cock. my wife came before I did. her whole body was shaking what rarely happened when she orgasmed. it lasted a moment until she went back to work on my cock. after a while, something changed but I could not tell, what it was. my wife sucked more and more and some moments later it was my time. what she not did very often, she held my cock in her mouth, when I came. and it lasted a moment until she swallowed. later she told me, that sie had to show her niece me semen in her mouth before swallowing. and then she told me too, that not she but our niece had held my cock in her hand, when i came.

Our niece from then on came most nights to us. we left it to her, if something happened but when her parents came back from their cruise, thirh girl was expert in licking a girls clit and even in sucking a man off. and she swallowed from the first time.