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I had been stealing different things from the company that I work for every since I was hired 4 years ago .# weeks ago my foreman came up to me and told me that the boss wanted to talk to me and that he said to come see him when I took off for lunch. I clocked out for lunch and went to see him in his office ,his secretary was gone,probably at lunch so I just knocked on his door and he told me to come in.When I walked in he told me to close the door behind me and he pointed to a chair next to his desk and told me to have a seat. My boss pointed at his computer monitor and asked me to explain what I saw,, It was a video of me and another employee ,the way he was standing you couldnt see his face but you could see mine clearly and I was on my knees sucking the guys cock.He showed me the folder that had about a dozen different videos of me sucking different guys cocks that worked there.Every one of them was time stamped showing that I was sucking guys off during working hours when I should have been working. It was obvious that it was me and what I was doing so I admitted that I met guys I work with at different places at different times every day .i figured that he was fixing to fire me and I could not lose my job so I begged him not to fire me,and said I would do what ever he wanted me to do to keep my job and to make up for the time lost because I wasnt doing what I was supposed to be doing . I was scared and about to cry and he saw and started laughing at me ,,then began teasing me and calling me names because I like to suck mens cocks .It was humiliating but it got me to calm down.My boss told me that he would decide on a dollar value for the time lost for me and the guy I was sucking off all those times added up and if I agreed to work extra to pay him back he wouldnt fire me .I was so relieved that I thanked him repeatedly saying Id do what ever he said.My boss smiled and told me that since I liked to suck cock so much he would erease one video every time I sucked his cock.I asked him if he was serious,,I didnt want to get myself in more trouble if he was just joking with me.Tom told me he was very serious , telling me that there were almost 20 videos so I was going to have to suck his cock a lot and I said I was ready to begin sucking him off right away and didnt wait for him to respond,I dropped to my knees ,unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and wrapped my lips around it and started sucking . I could tell he wasnt ready for me to do that but it was obvious that he was enjoying what I was doing to his cock ,It got rock hard immediatly and minutes later he began breathing hard and then exploded in my mouth filling it up almost faster that I could swallow his yummy cum down. He has me suck his cock at least once a day sometimes as many as three times a day and 3 or four days a week .I dont know where all the new cameras have been installed and am still sucking guys off at work so I havent kept count of how many times I have sucked my bosses cock and he hasnt told me that I have paid off my debt so I plan on sucking his cock off till he tells me I have to stop..