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I want to fuck my 96 year old mother. I have been alternating helping taking care of her with other family members, sometimes helping bathe her. She is doing quite well for 96 years old. Very sharp in the mind. She has always been very modest. She sleeps nude and whenever she was preparing for bed or getting up in the morning, she would be very quick to cover herself if I was around. Anyway, when I am assisting her with her bathing, she always reminds me of how modest she is and that she never imagined she would be naked with me right beside her. She has no idea how many times I spied on her while masturbating when I was a young boy. I window peeped on her for several years.

She's lost the fiery red in her hair, both upstairs and down there, and her tits aren't the full, firm melons they used to be, but I still find myself getting erect as I wash them with a wash cloth. I want to drop the wash cloth and grab and fondle her tits and rub my fingers into her aging cunt. One time, her medication gave her a touch of diarrhea and I had to clean her up. I got her in the shower and washed her down. I was using my hand to soap her down after using the washcloth and wanted so badly to slip my finger into her ass. I was so hard. After I had her cleaned up and dressed, I went to the bathroom and jerked off furiously and came within a few minutes.

I fantasize about laying her down on the edge of the bed and pressing my penis into her. I want to have her take her teeth out and suck my penis until I ejaculate in her mouth. I'd also like to shoot my load all over her face. I would also like to lube up her butt hole and butt fuck her.