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I'm on vacation with my family and my daughter brought a friend this year who is a really nice and sweet girl but she is advanced for her age and her bathing suit is way to small for her figure. The girl has been in and out of this hot pink suit for the past 4 days and she is blond and a little chubby and I can't help but look as this suit appears and disappears into her butt or presses against her and reveals everything. My wife was sitting next to me on the couch at the cottage last night as the girls were playing a game on the rug in front of us. They were having fun and i couldn't help but enjoy the peeks i got of soft pussy lips and the suit wedgied into her butt and i shouldn't of have butt i let it build, and grow and heat up until my cock was jumping and about ready to cum in my pants. And i thought I was getting away with it but my wife she pretended like she was reaching for my drink and I could see the cruelty in her eyes as her hand brushed hard against the erection i was hiding in my pants. She knew I was hard and she wanted to shame me and let me know she knew. She snapped at the girls and stopped their play and demanded they take a shower. They got up and went down to the outside beach shower as i turned red in the face and thought of how to explain myself. She said cum with me and I got up and followed her outside. She brought me to the outside shower as the girls were finishing up and she gathered them up in a big towel and led them away upstairs and said okay your turn and pointed to the shower. I felt guilty but I went in thinking my wife wanted me to clean the guilt amd shame from our marriage. I took my clothes off and turned on the water and felt the dirtyness wash over me and wondered what sort of life I could possibly live with this women now, but then I noticed a little pair of hot pink bikini bottoms hanging on a little hook in front of me. My cock jumped and swelled instantly as i grabbed them and wrapped them around my cock and started pumping away, the misery building with each soapy thrust of my fist, I looked up to God and cursed as I shot jet after jet of hot cum into that little girls

Hot pink bathing suit, my balls drained my gaze met my wife peeping through the crack of the door.