Dirty Confessions - Reveal your innermost secrets.




You’ll need to read part 1 to understand)

as I walked into the barn there they where I couldn’t get a hold of my thoughts as I was being watched by every single animal it’s as if they where wondering who I am or what I’m doing here little did they know I actually planned on fucking on of them, thanks to my flashlight my cock was cut and ready ,

Standing in the middle of the barn I could just feel my cock so hard I knew there was no turning back I looked around and i was kinda nervous tho because I didn’t want to get caught or hurt so I looked around to see what would be easier to stick my cock in that’s when I got too the chicken coup I wasn’t exactly sure how much there where but there was a lot so of course I said to myself there nice and small easy to hold and there asshole is almost like my flashlight and I wasn’t that big to at the time alittle over 4in I driving myself nuts so of course I grabbed A chicken and quickly ran out If his yard into the bushes As soon as I had the chicken I didn’t care if anyone seen me all I wanted to do was fuck this chicken in the ass

Now just me and the chicken alone

I took one last look around to to if anyone seen me I was clear

so I sat down to rest my back Against a tree and took my lace off of one shoe and used it too tie around the chickens ankle And my wrist so it wouldn’t try to escape

as I got comfortable I took both my boxer and shorts off leaving only my shirt on

and I started Jerking of my cock I got even Harder seeing that chicken looking at me clueless to What I’m about to do to it i continued to jerk off for a few more minutes till I started dropping pre already

I finally made my move and stood up

I picked the chicken up with both hands and turned it’s hole to my face as I was about to start licking its ass

I thought about what I’m doing and told myself this is wrong but something else in my mind was telling me to fuck it and I just went at it

I started licking its asshole my first thoughts was thinking I’d taste poo or something but there wasn’t even a taste to it just a fleshy hole, so like a dog licking a plate I kept going

Making sure every inch of its ass is nice and wet

At some point I can feel the chicken clenching it’s butt on my tongue

It was making me feel more horny feeling it’s body react to my tongue

i then began to suck it’s asshole as if it where a lollipop and it sure made me feel more frisky seeing it looking back at me

I took my middle finger and slowly swirled it around its asshole I then began to move the tip of my middle finger in and out making sure it’s nice and loose using more pressure I was able to slide my finger all The way to the knuckle and boy did that make the chicken jump it began to flap it’s wings trying to escape with my finger still in his ass but with a fast reaction I was able to grab it’s wings with my other hand and That got me a bit angry so of course my Stupid mind gets the better of me

I say

“theres no other way for this I’m going to fuck your asshole alright”

I then held it like a football player and this time I didn’t hold back I forced my finger right up it’s ass And fingered her rapidly Moving my finger in and out I could just feel it’s muscles flexing on my finger I so wanted to fuck this chicken and use my cock instead of my finger it still kept trying to escape but with her wings placed under my armpit made it impossible

as I just stand in the middle of the bushes fingering a chicken I noticed there’s no more sun barely now so I knew I had to be quicker now so I ponied up and used my spit to lube up my cock and it’s butt

Has I grasp it with both hands again I placed its asshole at the tip of my cock I was so tense it felt like I was about to faint or have a panic attack

I got ahold of myself and begin moving its ass around my cock pushing alittle harder sliding the tip in gently it felt so good like nothing I’d ever imagine I couldn’t think right as I got my cock head in my fore skin pulled back over and I was in a whole new experience of pleasure it was like the first time I stuck my cock in my flashlight only it’s warmer I then got more courage and started thrusting it slowly and harder at one point I just left my cock in its ass for a moment I can just feel it’s ass tightening around my shaft my legs started getting tired so I laid down position the chicken on top facing me this time I wanted it to look at me while I stick my cock his ass again

Before I could stick my cock inside again

a quick thought came to me I’m really loosing my virginity to a damn chicken thinking to myself what would people think if someone found out or seen me

I got focused again soon as I felt my cock going soft so like my flashlight I just stick my cock right into its ass by this time it’s ass was so loose I can actually see inside of it

so fucking it was no problem

I loved hearing it chirp while I was fucking it was glad nobody heard us

I started to get frisky again by saying

“your asshole is so good your gunna be my new sex toy you hear me baby”I knew any moment know I was about to cum so I quickly got back up but this time I was on my knees and continued to fuck it’s ass doggystyle with each thrust I can feel myself reaching my limit I so wanted to come in this chickens ass so I fucked it faster moaning louder I couldn’t help my self I loved this pleasure of fucking an animal the time came where I was gunna cum I gave it a few more hard thrust then busted my load in its nice loose butthole I just stood there like a statue out of breathe making sure very inch of its ass is full of my cum I pulled out as my cock went soft and it sure was an amazing sight

A rope of cum was dripping out it’s ass as I watched it I realized again it was getting even more darker I reckon it was atleast 10 now I just tossed the chicken aside like a bag and quickly put my shorts back on and thanks the chicken for a good time and said it can make it’s way back home that’s when I realized something was wrong with it I’d didn’t want to walk or nothing so of course I checked on it to see if it was try to fly away like last time but nope it

So I figured it was just tuckered out from all the pounding it took so I just left it there and made my way home

half way home i was thinking about my experience with that chicken and how I should try go there again and maybe try a different farm animal, with all this thinking I could feel myself getting hard again and the thought came in my head again

I was thinking it was the weekend so hey if I were to just bring the chicken home with me I can have fun with it all night the thought got me hard right away so I quickly went back as fast as i van hoping it didn’t go far once I got back I was so excited but that excitement will turn to regret and sadness

Has I got too the same spot hoping for an amazing night with that chicken I arrive only to see it’s lifeless body laying there it must’ve died a few minutes after I left so now with just a blank mind I started feeling Shitty about myself

Thinking back I realized it was in pain when it tried to leave I felt so bad thoughts were just running through my mind I was telling my self negative things like

“Omg did I just fuck I chicken to death”

“I just raped a chicken what is wrong with me”

a part of me was telling me to atleast bring it back but then how would I explain it’s asshole so I just quickly dug a hole and buried it till this day I I still feel sorry for that chicken I’m not to sure if the farmer realized a chicken was missing either

So I was able to relax knowing That I’m safe and nobody knows about my secret