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I snuck into my sisters room after school , She was supposed to be at work so I picked out an outfit and was getting dressed when her bedroom door swung open and there stood Kelly.I was caught and nothing I said was going to get me out of trouble this time.My sister giggled and asked me what I was doing and before giving me a chance to respond she asked me if I remembered what mom and dad said the last time I was caught wearing her clothes. Kelly looked at me waiting for me to answer so I said they said that if I got caught wearing her clothes then they were going to let Kelly decide on what my punishment would be.She giggled again and said thats right."Well sissy,since you want to wear girls clothes so badly then that is what you are going to get to do." Kelly told me to strip that we were going to start over so with a bright red face I took everything off and stood there naked covering up my tiny little dick.My sister grabbed my hands and pulled them up and away from my crotch and saw how tiny my little dick was and started laughing at it.She told me my dick was very tiny,and it looked like a five year olds dick not a 14 year old boys .She pushed me into her bathroom and grabbed a can of something and sprayed it all over my entire body.After ten minutes she told me to take a shower telling me to use the shampoo and body wash .After several minutes I stepped out of the shower and was totally hairless below my eyes all the way to the ground.She sprayed me with body mist and took me into her room and pointed at the pile of clothes she had placed on her bed and told me to get dressed.I knew there was no use in trying to talk my way out of this one so I put on arch item of clothing.I thought to myself how pretty the shiny pink PVC panties and bra were as I put them on,then the thi high stockings,followed by a tight little shiny black PVC skirt,shear top followed by a pair of five inch high heels.I wrapped the strap around each ankle and buckled them tightly in place and my sister knelt down in front of me right away and slipped a little lock through each of the buckles ,snapping them closed and locked the high heels on my feet.She ran a belt through the loops on the skirt and buckled it tightly then I heard a click and looked down to see she had locked the belt to the skirt and to my body.She led me to her makeup table and after several long intense minutes she smiled and fixed my hair..She finally smiled and told me to stand and go look at myself in the mirror.When I saw my reflection I almost passed out.I didnt see my reflection at all,,but was now looking at a very pretty girl that was maybe 12 or 13 at the most.Kelly told me that she used some extra long extended wear makeup on me and it would not start to come off for at least a week,,maybe longer.She was doing something at her dresser but had her back to me so I couldnt tell what she was doing until she had turned around and had stepped up right in front of me.She reached inside my shirt and bra and pushed something up against my chest and held them there for a few minutes.She let go and moved them around a bit and adjusted my bra and told me that I didnt have to worry about being flat chested any more,when I looked down I saw that I had tits now,,Almost a C cup and they looked and moved like they were the real things.Kelly giggled and told me the adhesive she used was medical grade and required a special solvent to get the glue to release.She said she hoped that I liked having tits because she wasnt going to let me use the solvent so I was going to have a nice set of real feeling and moving tits for a month or more . While I was admiring myself in the mirror Kelly quickly changed clothes and handed me a small purse and grabbed my hand and dragged me out the door and down the hall not stopping till we were at her car.I asked my sister where we were going and she smiled and said where all hot looking girls go after school.When she saw I didnt understand what she was saying she told me that we were going to the mall..I started to panic saying that I couldnt go to the mall ,that someone would see me and I wasnt ready for that.Kelly told me to relax and to look in the mirror,she asked me If I could tell who the girl I saw was and after looking at my reflection for a minute admitted that I didnt know who the hot looking girl was.Kelly said that my name was Cindy and I was a girlfriend of hers from where we used to live and that I was going to be staying here for a while.Kelly smiled looking at me and said a long while.My sister told me that Cindy was going to be staying with her for the entire summer.She told me that I wanted to wear girls clothes and be a girl so bad and now I was going to get to be a girl for the summer.She saw how nervous I was and told me to relax,that I looked like a real girl and everyone would believe I am really a girl if I played the part and believed that I am really a girl,,that did the trick and we walked into the mall and I felt so sexy and feminine.As we walked through the mall headed to her favorite store I noticed that a few girls had noticed us then realized that almost every boy that I saw was staring at ,,,me. Kelly giggled and told me that I had all the boys attention for sure and that I was going to be a very popular girl this summer.I smiled and said that was good and my sister told me it was great ,that I was going to have every boy who saw me asking me out on a date.She asked me if I knew what that meant and when I said I didnt she laughed and told me that I would have boys wanting to take me out which meant I was going to be sucking a lot of cock.I stopped and said she was lying ,and asked if she was serious.Kelly akked me if I had ever been out with a girl and I told her that I had not and she said WOW,,you are a virgin? She explained that when a boy takes a girl out he is going to expect her to have sex with him and if she didnt want him to fuck her then she had to at least suck his cock.Kelly hugged me tight and told me that I was going to be sucking a lot of cocks this summer at least until I let one of the boys fuck my tight little sissy pussy.I told my sister that I was NOT going to be sucking any boys cock and really wasnt going to let them fuck me in the ass.Kelly laughed so hard that she almost fell over and looked at me seriously and said that I could resist all I wanted but eventually one of those boys was going to make me suck his hard cock .She said I could fight it but would eventually lose and it would be muck easier for me and on me if I just hurried up and got bit over with.She explained that the sooner I started sucking cock the sooner I was going to learn how to do it and after that I would start to love sucking cock and would swallow every drop of their hott yummy cum