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My mother used to take my (male) temperature with a rectal thermometer.

She didn't seem to mind who was watching either. Not as much as I did anyway.

My grandmother, my aunt, my brother or even my mom's friend would be in the room. Chatting, like it was no big deal.

Mom would have pull my p.j.s down to my knees. Exposing myself to anyone in the room. Then have me lay over her lap, as she greased the thermometer and inserted it.

It was embarrassing and humiliating being half naked, exposed and vulnerable in front of other people.

I could feel the instrument moving inside me as my mother held it. Waiting for the time to be up.

When she had finished, she would allow me to get off of her lap. I would pull my p.j.s back up. The Vaseline still gooey between my cheeks.

As I got older, I fantasized about other people doing that to me. Mostly, my aunt.

In my fantasy, however, things become more sexual.

When my aunt asks me to drop my shorts, to take my temp, I am already becoming hard. I know she sees it.

I lay across her lap, eventhough I'm a teenager at the time.

She waits for me to get into position. I watch as she takes a glib of Vaseline from the jar, before applying it to my sensitive sphincter. Then, tenderly inserts the thermometer.

Absentmindedly, she twirls and slips it in and out of me.

I can feel myself getting harder.

She notices when a drip of my precum hits her bare thigh.

My aunt reaches down. Feeling the slippery tip of my penis.

She chuckles at my obvious excitement.

Then, proceeds to milk my penis until I cum on her hand and leg.

It's the beginning of fun relationship with my aunt.

Anyone else have fantasies or experiences similar?