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Daddy was content with me sucking his cock,I did it when ever he told me to but then that wasnt enough,,he wanted more. One day when it was taking him longer than usual to come my mouth got too tired so I slowly jacked him off.After doing that for a few minutes Daddy told me it was time to try something different.He got up and laid on the bed on his back and told me to climb on top so I did because of lack of experiance I didnt know what he was going to want me to do nexd, but when he told me I climbed on top of his cock and slowly sat down on it taking short bits of it until i was sitting down with his cock all the way up my ass.I was slowly riding him when my sister walked in and caught us.She looked at Daddy and you could tell she was about explode and she yelled "REALLY DADDY " and stormed out of her room.I slid up off of his cock and looked at him and said "really??YOU FUCKING BASTARD" I had never swore at my father before so he knew how mad I was at that time . When I ran into my sister again she looked at me really serious and told me she was so sorry ,and that it must have really hurt saying she thought she was going to die.I smiled at her and told her not really,,didnt hurt near as bad as I thought it would.She looked at me and i could see the question in her head and as I walked past her I whispered in her ear that I had been playing with a dildo for a few weeks before he fucked me in my ass. The love my sister had for me was written all over her face at that minute.We hugged and walked into the living room and told Mother what Daddy had been doing to us for the last year .Mother called the cops and after they hauled him off she went from one end of the house to the other and made sure that there wasnt any thing in that house of Daddies