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I was dressed in the clothes my stepsister picked out for me. Shiny hot pink PVC skirt,Pink PVC bra and matching panties.A shear black sleevless top,Fishnet stockings and a pair of five inch heeled pumps.The high heels had a strap that went around my ankles and locked making it impossible for me to take my high heels off without the key. The skirt was also locked on me as well as the thick leather belt. Angie had fixed my hair and did my makeup in ultra long lasting water proof makeup .It definatly was not going to come off for a few days.I had C cup breast forms glued to my chest and with my hot pink nail polish I looked totally feminine and very slutty. Angie said WOW,,you look hot,,you are definatly going to be busy tonight . Angie caught me in her room dressed up in her favorite clothes again,She and her mom had caught me time and time again and every punishment they gave me didnt make me stop wanting to steal her clothes. My step mother told me not to get caught again because when they do catch me the punishment I recieve will make me change my mind about wanting to wear my step sisters clothes ,I didnt stop wearing her clothes and managed to go a whole week before I was caught again .Angie led me out to the living room where my step Mother was to show her what I looked like .My step mother whistled and told Angie that she really did a good job at making me look so slutty. She told me that her cousin would be here any minute and he was going to love being my owner ,She reminded me that I am his sissy sex slave for the entire weekend .Angie told me she hoped dtealing her clothed was worth what was going to happen to me . The door bell rang and I was told to answer it,,Uncle Charlie just smiled and told me that I was going to make him a lot of money this weekend. I tried to smile and said "Yes Master ",,I will . Uncle Charlie was a perv and he told My Step Mother that if I wanted to dress up like a little slutty girl then he would make sure that I would be treated like a slut.He was taking me out to this little club his friend owns in Wagner and I will be turned into a sex slave for three days.He had invited a bunch of his friends to party at the club and he was going to pimp me out to the horny men . Uncle Charlie slapped me on the ass and said " Come on bitch you are going to make me a lot of cash ,By the time I get ready to take you home you will be broken ,You are going to be fucked so many times that you will crave cock when the men finally stop fucking your sissy mouth and ass.