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I went to celebrate my grandma's birthday yesterday out of town, and my aunt and my cousin with her 1-2 year old twins were there. There's already an innocent little picture of my sister buck naked as a baby with her pussy completely exposed to the camera just sitting on the wall next to the entrance, which I've brought back into my bedroom to jerk off to almost every time I've stayed there for the night, but this time the baby sister of the of the two twins needed a diaper change or something, so I pretended to look out the window behind the mother that was my older cousin so I could watch over her shoulder.

And watch I did, there was nobody else in the room and I was already rock-hard as soon as her adorable little pussy was revealed. It's the kind of slit you'd see on all undeveloped girls, juicy and plump with no view of the pink underneath until she stretches her little legs to the side which gives everyone a look at the hidden pink underneath. I had gotten my cock out instantly, it was very risky what with everyone else in the next room, but my mind was too addled to think about that (Not the first time I've done something like this), and I silently jerked off to the little girl behind my older cousin that was just changing her diaper. She looked at me and my cock a couple times curiously, but she's not old enough to really know what I was doing so it's whatever. As her pussy was hidden by a new pair of diapers I pulled my pants back over myself before anyone noticed, and all was said and done.

Except I still had a massive erection that wouldn't go away. I considered grabbing that picture off the wall and getting myself off, but I had a better idea.

Running about the kitchen was a small dog, a Jack Russel. I decided to go into the kitchen where everyone was and pick him up, and claiming that I was going to play with him for a bit I took him to another uninhabited room and set him down. (I never fap behind locked doors, I even did it on the sinks in a girls only bathroom once, completely naked with my clothes strewn everywhere.) This dog is already a humpy little thing, constantly horny. I sat him on the bed and crouched beside it, holding his excited little butt still so I could get his testicles in my mouth. I played with them like that for a minute, getting my cock out to start jerking off somewhere in the middle of it, and eventually I turned him to the side so I could stick my tongue into his sheath. It had a strange taste to it, like a musky pee taste (Which I'm not averse to at all, I've done kinky things with pets like that). Then my tongue had its attention brought to his ass. The thing looks like it gets fucked regularly, always pushed out like it's welcoming any intrusion, so my tongue dragged around the edges of it, lapping up its taste before eventually pressing against its butt. It didn't do much in the way of resistance just yet, I even started digging my tongue into it a little and still nothing, Nothing extra that is, the thing acts like it's got ADHD and is constantly trying to run around, never sitting in once place for more than a few seconds, so it was difficult to keep it still. It was only when I started to push my cock against its ass that it really started fighting me, shaking and worming its body around and dragging against the bedsheets like there's no tomorrow. I got scratched a little but I managed to hold him in place eventually, and out of frustration I didn't even bother lubing up, I pushed hard and dragged my dry cock into his tiny little tight ass as hard as I could. I'm surprised it didn't whimper too much, my pets at home have a tendency to whimper loudly when I start fucking them so I have to do it when there's no family home. And of course, given that the little girl's plump slit is still fresh on my mind I came after maybe a minute or two of hard raw pounding, letting out the biggest load in ages as deep as the little doggy butt could physically let me.

Eventually, I let myself slowly go soft inside its ass before pulling out and giving it a little hug, before heading out with my cock waving in the open, stealthily moving to the bathroom to clean my cock off before rejoining the others again, watching the dog run around like nothing had just happened to it. My guess is that mine wasn't the first cock in its alluring little hole, I think next time I'll try and find an opportunity to get my dick into one of those little cousins.