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Got home from work yesterday and there was my wife,half naked on the couch with her black boyfriend .I told her that we agreed that she and her boyfriend wouldnt be doing anything in front of the kids,I didnt want them to know about any of that stuff.My wife told me she knew but I wasnt the man of the house any more so it didnt matter how I felt about when Bon came over or what they did in front of the kids .I asked her what she was talking about and she told Bob to pull out his cock and me too so we could compare them .Bobs was huge compared to mine and bob laughed at me and said with a dick as tiny as mine there was no way I was capable of being the man of the house,that I am not even a man .I lost it and took a swing at the huge black man,No I didnt think things through and he beat the hell out of me.When he finally stopped he told my wife that I needed to borrow one of her outfits and asked her to go pick one out for me to wear.My wife ran off to get the clothes and Bob helped me up off the floor ,sat me down on the couch and told me I could fight him and my wife ,there was no way I could win and every time I resisted or refused to do what either one of them said I would be punished sevearly then forced to co operate ,or I could save myself a lot of pain and extra humiliation and just submit to them and become totally obediant. My wife returned and handed me the stack of clothes and Bob told me to remember what he just told me ,to strip and put on the clothes my wife chose for me.I started taking my clothes off and said if I obeyed it would save me from being humiliated and said having to dress in my wifes clothes was pretty humiliating .Bob said that is true but if you refused to do You would have been spanked hard ,forced to put the clothes on then I would have had to suck his cock.I told Bob that I understood and didnt need to be forced .My wife actually helped me put on the panties,bra,miniskirt,top ,highheels and makeup to speed up the process which made it that much more humiliating for me.When she finished Bob told me that he was now the man of the house and I was to treat him with respect and call him Master at all times.I asked if he was serious and he told me that I am a weak little sissy ,he asked me if I really thought that I could do anything about him being in charge,,especially dressed in a skirt and heels. He told me that from now on my name is Samantha and I was to be totally feminized at all times at his house.I looked at Kathy and she told me thats right,I can either do exactly what I am told of I can move the fuck out.My wife reminded me that I had pushed and pushed for her to date other men then wanted her to find a black man,preferrably a dominant black man sh she did so I couldnt use it against her if I divorced her.Kathy told me I begged her to find a dominant black man and that is what she did. She laughed and said Master Bob is very dominant ,but not towards me,,You are the person he is going to be dominating .I heard a giggle behind me and realized that my two teen daughters,Heather and Ashley were standing in the door way and heard everything.Kathy told them to come sit next to her and Bon ,she had a few things to tell them.She explained that Bob is her boyfriend ,that he was moving in and would be sleeping in her room with her.Ashley asked what about me and Kathy told the girls that I was a sissy ,I would be totally feminized from now on .Since I am a sissy that means that I can not order the girls around,make any kind of decissions concerning them and definatly cant discipline them .I am really just a guest in her house and since the maids quarters are not being used that I will be moving in there.Heather giggled and asked if I was going to be their maid.Kathy told her that was a wonderful idea ,looked at me and told me that I was their sissy maid,she told me that I would be doing all the house work from now on plus anything extra that she ,Master Bob or the girls wanted me to do for them.Heather told Kathy to look at something on her phone and showed it to her.Kathy told her that she is so proud of her girls because they are so smart and always so helpful .She told me that I am the sissy maid so I should have a maids uniform to show my place and position in the household .She showed me a picture of a satin lace french maids outfit and a PVC one and said that I would get to dress in something like those and she was going to order some right away and have them express delivered ,I would get to wear my new uniform in a day or two.I brought all of this on myself when I wouldnt stop pushing until I made my wife find and date a dominant black man.If I would have known that doing that was going to lead to me feminized and forced to be their sissy maid I would have never done it.FedEx came on Saturday with several big boxes .My wife had ordered several different maids outfits for me but also clothes that I would wear when at home.There were panties and bras,,stockings and panty hose,,skirts and tops ,,dresses and shoes .she ordered enough womens clothing for me to be able to dress totally feminine every day for maybe a month at least.She un boxed everything and showed me and the girls all my new clothes .She told me to take everything to my room and put everything away then return and she would give me a very special gift that she picked out herself just for me.I finally got everything put away and returned to Kathy .She sat there with a small pink box in her hand .When I entered the room she told Heather to go get her a big ice pack of crushed ice . When Heather handed it to my wife she told me to remove my panties, pull my skirt up so everything was up past my waist then sit on the floor with my legs spread.When I hesitated Master jumped up and yelled at me telling me to do as i was told or he would help me .I was so scared that I almost peed my panties and as fast as I could I was sitting on the floor ,pantiies off and skirt up exposing my crotch completely .I forgot all about the girls being in the room until I was sitting there and they began laughing when they saw my dick and balls but I couldnt do anything to cover them.Kathy put the ice pack on my dick and balls for a minute and when she removed it my boy parts had shrunk to half their regular size which made the girls laugh harder than I have ever heard them laugh in their lives.Kathy put on a pair of latex gloves ,got down between my legs and opened the box.Before I realized what she pulled out she had put my tiny little dick in the tube and snapped the ring in place and had it locked securely in place.The gift that she bought me was a tiny hot pink chastity device.It fir snugly and could not be removed unless you unlocked it and she had both the keys.My wife explained to me that I am a sissy and that we would never be having sex ever again so I really didnt need to have my tiny little dick and until she gould have it removed it would be locked up so I couldnt get myself into trouble .My daughters laughed and teased me saying that I wouldnt be able to touch myself at all,,wouldnt even be able to recieve any kind of sexual stimulation which meant I had no way of being able to have orgasms,,AT ALL,,EVER. I am so fucked